2 dreams and 1 goodbye vision with my Guinea piggy


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Can someone help me understand these better?
First one I had on the next day after her death, yesterday. My mom had similar one, on the same night.
It was more like a vision, than dream, seems clear to understand.
I saw doors with shiny room behind them. I was standing in some darker one.
My piggy ran to me, looked kinda smiled. And I smiled back to her. She ran back to the room with light. Turned to look at me once more, and ran towards the light.

Today I had two. First one:
We were near the place where we buried her.
Saw my mom next to piggy laying on something.
I've looked at the burial place and saw it was dug up.
My mom said she did it because of some silly reason.
I looked at piggy, she was laying there kinda dead, but I think she was breathing for the moment.
She was in position similar to sleeping.
With head turned bit towards me and looking at me.
She seemed sad for some reason.
While in previous vision she was happy.

Second one: I had her on my leap, she was asking for something, like to get off my leap, or food. Not sure.
I placed her on the bed and wanted to go get some food.
And again she made similar position to previous dream, just laying down like in sleep, head gently tilted towards me, looked at me in some sad way.

Please help me with this. I don't know what to think.


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Today I had another dream, she was most likely there too.
Saw big house, went inside there to see many animals.
Saw some piggies, she had to be one of them. But I don't remember this dream so well