3 different dreams maybe connected


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I have recently had a few dreams about children and my wife also recently had one. In my first one, we adopted a child after complications with conceiving and were on vacation. The second one was with an adopted daughter and my wife was pregnant and I don't remember as much about it. The third on was with an adopted daughter and a biological son and we were with my wife shopping and our son threw a tantrum and accused us of treating his sister better because she was adopted when they were treated equally. My wifes dream is that we had a son that was being a brat in a silly way. I have read that it may be my subconscious telling us we are pregnant all the way to being pressured by the bodys biological clock to have children to maybe even that we unknowingly lost a child. If anybody can relate or even give a touch of insight, it will help give me peice of mind that I'm not going nuts.