a crisis in an unknown location and averting a catastrophe part 1

this dream begins in a supermarket - a natural foods supermarket- and i was in a unique position there. i had a device somewhat like a cellphone, but with a switchboard and a panel capable of sending coded messages to a base in a remote location. if the wrong signal was sent it meant unleashing weapons of mass destruction on a hitherto unheard of scale. at the moment it was flashing the wrong signal. each message contained its combination of numbers,letters and symbols,such as % &. at the moment it was flashing the wrong signal. (each message also had its own color code at the moment the panel was blood red) i knew i had to get to the panel and change the signals. now this supermarket was extremely large and had more than one floor. it was more the size of a small department store than the average grocery store. interestingly enough,no one in the store not even the staff and the manager took the slightest notice of me. the communication device i had would light with flashing signals at the top instead of ringing. that is what it did now. flashing bright yellow. when i answered the voice on the other end asked "what are the developments so far" ME: I ASSURE YOU IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO GO THROUGH WITH PROJECT X-12{the code name to launch the weapons}EVERYTHING IS PERFECTLY STABLE SO FAR VOICE OF LIAISON OFFICER : all right. i'll notify the base ME: by all means do so. it would be terrible to have to go these lengths OFFICER:eek:ver and out. i knew i had to enter the right code and put a stop to the threatened holocaust. each time i sent a message the colors on panel would change. this time many of the letters changed to pink or pineapple color. a few letters stayed blood red. i found myself in a different section of the store each tine,then the light would flash and i would have to answer. the next it flashed amber,which i took to be a good sign. 2nd LIAISON OFFICER: i see there has been a change in the panel.what happened? ME:eek:h, because of these new developments and the changed situation it probably will not be necessary to go through with project X-12 after all LO: are you sure? ME: reasonably sure LO: all right.good we don't want to do this unless absolutely necessary ME: quite right. you will inform them? LO: yes ME: good. this second officer being a little more terse and abrupt than the first. i looked at the panel .it had changed color again, to sapphire and indigo. a few symbols changed to a dark blue-purple.