a crisis in an unknown location and averting a catastrophe part 2

{continued} now i knew i was getting somewhere. now these missles were different from conventional missles in several respects. once launched they did not proceed inexorably to their target but could be slowed down and stopped in mid-air by a signal from the base and if necessary, set in reverse to return to their launching pad. some others had a "clean hydrogen effect". that is, tremendous explosive power but no fallout afterward. still others were highly radio active cobalt missiles launched in triple effect-launched in groups of three- but these were not as numerous as the others . the actual destruction would have been confined to certain designated areas,such as areas with heavy manufacturing for essentials for the economy of the modern world. suffice it to say,it was planned to knock out the world economy at a blow, disorganize any potential resistance and effectively pave the way for world domination. as i have said, nobody seemed to notice or think it was strange i was using this unusual device and constantly receiving and sending messages. no store security came over to find out what i was doing. as for the customers some appeared to be radiantly healthy,most were ordinary shoppers preoccupied with shopping. then the light flashed,this time forest green. i spoke with someone who was unmistakably an authority figure. someone on the decision level. he wanted to know what the situation was.i told him. he wanted if i thought project X-12 would be necessary. i gave a negative reply. then i looked at the panel 8 of the letters and 9 of the numbers had changed color. 4 of the letters were now ivory white. 4 others were now lime green. one of the letters had changed to a plum color. 4 of the numbers were chestnut brown. the next time it rang (or,flashed) it was pine green. again the conversation. in greater detail this time . it concluded on an optimistic note. now 2 of the letters were green sapphire and one of the numbers was indigo,another one violet. then finally in the produce section of the store [ it was huge and almost half the size of a large supermarket by itself] where items in bulk were being sold . i can recall looking down at shiitake mushrooms in a bin. the light flashed again,this time topaz yellow! i looked at the panel.it was now amber,orange and emerald green !!! i knew i had succeeded. BASE OFFICIAL: congratulations. you did it . now we will not have to proceed with it ME: magnificent !!!. it is simply indescribable,the feeling of relief and joy . i woke up with a sense of relief and contentment. almost euphoria. now if anyone can give help with this dream your views will be very welcome. any questions you may have i can answer. one of the most positive dreams i ever had. ITEM: most of the voices spoke excellent English, a few had very thick foreign accents.

I were thinking, J.Oak, about the nukes. Let us first , since I am no expert in the variety of such things, see on the ground structure of a nuclear disaster and what it is, and how man could see it and invent it. I will keep to the picture of what happens with the matter of Uranium as is a stable atom, it becomes streamed on with free electrones, which it adapts, and now it loose it's stability. when we now have a couple of pounds of this destabilized matter on the same spot, within contact and touch with each other, the central protection of the atom loose it's grip and the central energy, like the bee queen fly's off and all the rest of this matter is so deeply destroyed that reason would say it is destroyed untill time ends.
Our theatrical dramatization of this could only be urged by what as happens with our human nature.
J.Oak do please give your own understanding of this deam, before I comment anymore on it. Your friend Arnfinnius

certainly, Arnfinnius. Cobalt,(which can be both radioactive and non-radioactive) was the element used in one type of missile,but cobalt can be used to heal as well . there is even Cobalt therapy used in cancer treatment. that these Missiles could be halted in mid-air and recalled is possibly important. it symbolizes that the path humanity is on is not irrevocable. they were using missiles with clean hydrogen effect-that is,elimnating the effects of 95% of nuclear fallout- suggests that their primary goal was not mass destruction but disorganization,which most likely would been followed by total control a la 1984 brave new world. this does not mean there would not have been immense destruction and loss of life. on the contrary it would have been necessary for them to throw the structure of society as we know it into chaos, prior to take over by the world super-state . the fact that i was doing this from a natural foods store is also significant. it shows the people who want to return to a quasi-natural state VS the artificial lifestyle of industrialized humanity with al its upsetting of the balance of nature and tampering with creation and the resulting waves of diseases accompanying an unhealthy lifestyle that are characteristic of modern man (increased Cancer and risk of Cancer,increased heart disease,just to name a few) finally resulting in mental disorder and decreased awareness of freedom,making for perfect targets for would-be dictators. dictators who seize power with the consent of the future drones in the hive. they would come as Healers, bringers of order and prosperity. but this was thwarted in the nick of time. this is what i felt from this dream. i look forward to your response

Thank you for responding, J Oak.
I will think a bit, but I have a couple of questions more , cause it seems to me that the dream can take two directions for the understanding, depending on the nature of the organisation you are the libratool for in your dream, is it the Higher or the lower , the light or the darkness as is fundamental for the nature of the group ? It might be obvious for you, and in the follow up answer it starts to give a better clue of this, but anyway be patient with me please , for it makes so big difference in the understanding.
I had an other question to , but it flied away, but I'll post it for you when it returns.
I'll ponder a bit on this J'Oak , to see if I have some words for such a big drama.
But anyway you changed the natural supermarked to Quasi-natural, and I do think I understands you, but as a dream symbol it is very different.
Most dreams are very interconnected to the dreamer's situation in some way at the time of the dream, would you share something about that, please ?

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when i used the word quasi-natural it referred to the fact that many people who had become aware of the destructive nature of UN-natural living (toxic chemicals in the air chemical preservatives in food , use of toxic and allergenic substances in everyday items , such as, use of formaldehyde in bed sheets etc.) were now trying to return to a more natural lifestyle. the prefix was used to mean that they did not completely abandon the synthetic lifestyle. they might still use plastic,rayon and polyester products. the part where it was noted that only some customers appeared radiantly healthy but not the great majority of them pertained to this. you are right about the dream having more than one explanation. what i felt at the time was that these forces about unleash a holocaust on a scale never before seen were taking advantage of mankind being at a crossroads. we could turn one way or the other. they were about to turn it most definitely in their direction. how much natural living there would have been after that is moot. probably just a few following natural lifestyles- or what things natural would have been left,anyway- and the majority living a lifestyle dictated by their masters. for that reason,i regarded their aims as dark, whatever the intentions of some of them may have been. i hope i have been clear about my meaning.