a curious chain of events leads to an unexpected conclusion part 2

now our technology was different from theirs. we could scan some of the buildings and laboratories without them knowing it.our scanners operated on a frequency and wavelength so different from theirs that it could not be detected. they were not even aware of our presence.now one of the party(a friend of mine who i know in real life.in this dream some i actually know,others i did not) turned to me and pointed"look there" i looked at what was a curious building with a strange phosphorescent glow coming from the center. on closer examination our sensors told us it was a powerful form of radiation unknown to science-until now. we notified the other group and went up there. we came equipped with shields to deflect and absorb any form of radiation we might encounter. the government here was already suspected of experimenting with a new lethal form of radiation for use in a secret weapon. now we just confirmed it. immediately sent word back to the base-wherever that was!- and received confirmation acknowledging receipt of message. we told them of our intention to remain a little bit longer, when we received a signal from the leader of the other party "hey. you guys come take a look at this" we got down there (by a special transport method similar to stealth technology)in a few minutes. the other group had gone to a place near to the downtown section of the city. when we got there we found them in what was unmistakably a public transit route.a small station with tracks running both ways on either side. the leader of the other group said"see this?" he indicated an obviously very sick man lying on the floor of the station. then he took a special scanner we had brought along for examining live,organic matter. the city was rife with an epidemic and it was suspected it was engineered as part of a ghastly experiment. one look at the scanner revealed that the man was very dangerously ill. and with a disease none of us could identify. not even from medical records. "now see this? the disease is attacking his bones and his vital organs, but not his tissues or his cells" "what kind of a disease is this? "that's what we need to find out isn't it?" i had no effect on his cells either. so we asked the computer about it. the answer: DISEASE UNKNOWN TO EARTH. ALIEN SUBSTANCE SUSPECTED. RECOMMENCED TREATMENT IS- and just at that moment i woke up. this may sound to some like fiction but to me it was very real. i was almost frantic for the answer. someone told me "you already know the answer. just be quiet enough and listen to the inner voice and it will come". if anyone has an answer it will be appreciated
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I lay what Olivr wdgwood said as a base and leaves that.
To understand the sick man it has to b noted the conscious one way stream of information, if your basic stream of information is intuition, psychic scanning under love, that is atleast known to earth and humanity. If we watch his "laying down " psychologically , we find that his life unfoldment is no longer reflecting his inner reality, his own nature, but is overtaken by something alien to earth. That is reflected in untouched tissues and cells, it is reason to believe that he is unconscious bout his own situation, since you see him and he does not see you.
Since our medical approach has become technical , it is an illness in itself, something alien to the earth. A denial of the wholeness of a being, and the focus on sub levels to manipulate the visual level.
If we look at " RECOMMENCED TREATMENT IS" as a complete sentence, we gets acknowledging what IS as treatment, not growing what we would like to be from a level of ideas , on th cost of our life nature. So then love and compassion to the actual being and th state he is found reflecting would treat him and help him regenerate lost levels of life.
arnfinnius, i am afraid you have diagnosed the malady exactly. sadly, this is the case with most conventional medicine. denying the wholeness of a being and treating the symptoms,not the root cause of the disease. so seen in ultimate terms your analysis is a right one. so this malady attacking bones and organs but not tissues or cells is symbolic of medicine becoming depersonalized,oriented toward drugs rather than holistic solutions. in fact,the whole lifestyle of this city was oriented this way. so that city becomes a symbol for how i perceive the society i live in. they were very controlled. but we did not recognize their authority. almost like visiting the city in fahrenheit451. i do not know if you ever read the book or not.
No I have not read it, but some other books , which I think deals with some similars. Yes it is indeed sad times...
The main trouble for the healing in question is the trouble of positive presence in this huge pain that is described.
I am so curious , and hoped you would post one of the dreams you mentioned, in your reply to wedgwood, that did not contain symbols ?
Fahrenheit 451 by ray Bradbury. it is something along the lines of Orwell 1984 or Huxley brave new world .it depicts a futuristic totalitarian state , with this added,books and knowledge are illegal and they have a section of the fire department which deals with it. as for posting a dream which did not contain symbols i cannot recall one which did not have symbols of some sort. so i do not know which reply you could mean.i think you may have misunderstood something
yes, I must have misunderstood, sorry. Yes that was how I pictured the city, unavoidable in our world too, unfortunately.
That is probably why so many authors had this in mind, controlling life from a level of genes, makes so much chaos, that leaders gets scared out of their pants, and grab to extreemes.
unquestionably,that is why so many of them do.these authors are pointing out a danger of just how things might turn out if humanity is not careful. as a founding father said 'eternal vigilance is the price of liberty"