A dark dream


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:) Hi everyone! Have just joined the forum, this is my first post.
I take my dreams pretty seriously, always looking for the meaning and the message in them. I just had one this morning before waking, that has disturbed me so much. Can anyone please offer their thoughts on the meaning?

I had a dream that I opened my front door and was about to walk outside.
There were 2 men standing outside, at the bottom of the few stairs outside my door. They were both dressed in long black gowns, like priests would wear, but I knew they weren’t priests. Each man was holding a black dog (Rottweiler) on a leash.
I opened the door and saw them there, and knew immediately they were bad, and I moved quickly to step back inside. One of them rushed up the stairs to the door. I was inside the house trying to push the door closed against him, and he was on the other side trying to push it open, both of us struggling. I started to scream, as loudly as I could. Hoping that it would draw attention and someone would come and help me.
That’s where it ended.

The overall feel of the dream was SO BAD.
Thank you for any insight xx


Hello, I'm also pretty new here^^

Nightmares usually indicate an internal turmoil. Maybe something in your life is changing, and it causes a sense of insecurity. Maybe you've done something not so good, maybe hurt someone's feelings or so, and now you feel guilty about it. Maybe you feel threatened by something or someone in your life.

The dream house represents your self, your safe haven if you will. It's a place where you can retreat to when needed, a place where you feel safe, a place that covers all your basic needs. Your secrets are also kept there, so of course, having someone trying to invade that space is very scary. You suddenly feel vulnerable and exposed.
Since you were struggling to keep them out, maybe you are afraid to "let people in", so everyone who's trying to get to know you better turns into a thread.

Think about what may have influenced the symbolism of your dream and what these symbols mean to you. Maybe you watched a movie (e.g. Matrix where the men in black are the enemies), played some computer game or read a book with mysterious or scary elements, etc.
Do you have a negative relationship with church (priest outfit)?
Have you had any negative encounter with rottweilers? (It could be something from the past that was triggered again when let's say your neighbor's rottweiler barked at you or so.)
Did you know these two men, in your dream or even in real life? Were their faces familiar? If so, what do you associate with these people?
Whom did you expect to respond to your screams? Someone inside the house or a neighbor?

Note: If you feel uncomfortable to share personal info in a form, there's no need to reply to any of these questions here. More importantly, answer them to yourself and see if it helps getting you closer to understanding what's going on. Maybe you recall even more details about the dream that may help with the interpretation.

Good luck