A dream forum... amazing, I'm glad I found this place !!


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Dreams have always fascinated me and I would try to remember some of the more bizarre dreams. The amazing thing is; they are so detailed just like real life. Somehow I have developed the ability to remember the tail end of a dream and then walk back through a dream taking mental notes. I then describe the best I can into a digital voice recorder all the details of the dream starting with the place, people I was with, the time, temperature, colors, events that were happening and there always seems to be some sort of odd struggle or hurdle to deal with. So, that's the hard part, trying to put a dream scene and then sequence and all the elements into words. Too much to list here for an opener post but I'm glad I found this place as nobody in real life :rolleyes: wants to hear about your stupid dreams ... they think you're mental or something. :(