a friend's wedding


I'm with my mum and a couple other people at home. I'll be moving out soon, and we are prepping for the occasion. I look through drawers of clothing and realise I can never fit it all into my suitcase. I find a blouse that is made to look like a blouse and vest combo, but is a single piece. I didn't know I had such a blouse, but I love it and it is quickly decided that I'd wear it for the wedding later that day. The collar and poofy sleeves are white-ish, the front part is a dark greyish colour with a woven pattern. My mum suggests wearing it with my black suit. I look through my things and find trousers that I mistake for the suit trousers, but I soon realise my mistake and finally find a pinstripe suit.

I go out. I am with a couple guys and we work outdoors. Suddenly another guy (our boss?) approaches us and tells us to take a break and grab a bite. We go to a biergarten type of place with outdoor seating. The wedding preps are in full swing. A young woman, the bride's sister, is practising an oriental ritual dance-ish thing she was asked to do only a day or so ago, so she didn't really have enough time to memorise it. She shows her progress to the family. The dance includes the recital of some oriental (hindi?) words mixed into a sutra like text. She recites it in English, but her family tells her to do it in French. This causes her a lot more pressure and she has a hard time getting it right.

I leave the scene. My mum calls me and talks about old straw hats she found in granny's belongings. I jump onto a driving roofless vehicle only hanging on to the side. The vehicle has huge wheels like a tractor. Otherwise it looks like a horse carriage but motorised. Inside is the bride in a common western style white wedding dress and a straw hat, and her parents. I'm asked to participate in a photo shoot for some reason, so I tell my mum that I'm with the bride and that she wants me to be in her photos before I hang up. The bride's mum is holding a couple more straw hats and the bride is showing me a very cute tiny vintage hat and we have a laugh. I can't help thinking that those are the old vintage hats from granny's house.
The road is bumpy. In front of us a garbage truck and a bus have come to a stop an a sand pile in the middle of the road. We almost hit the bus. The garbage truck turns left. Dunno about the bus, but I think we go straight.

At the venue the bride's sister is trying to perform her ritual, but fails miserably and is forced to retry over and over again. The top of her dress is very loose and the front has a very low neckline, thus exposing her breasts.
I don't recall what happens, but I go up to her, she falls into my arms, bleeding, and I quickly carry her outside. There's only a glass wall between the ballroom and the hallway. Someone has prepped a stretcher for me so I can put her down. I give instructions on her condition and how to treat her. As others take her away, I go back to the party.
- the end
- I do not know any of the dream people from real life, except my mum.
- I am not currently moving nor am I planning to move any time soon. But when I moved in the past, not being able to take all my stuff was an issue.
- I do not own nor have I ever seen this type of blouse. But I do have a pinstripe suit.
- I do not work outdoors in RL, and I have no clue what the work situation might be referring to.
- My mum did mention straw hats from a dollar store last time we talked.
- While French is part of my life now, Hindi or any other oriental (=southern-ish Asian) languages or their cultures are not.
- That vehicle... I haven't seen a tractor or anything with such large wheels in ages.
- Last night I watched clips from medical dramas on youtube, so I'm not surprised.
Attending a wedding may mean you are preparing for a major change in your life. The chaos around you suggests that you and others are not prepared for the change. Your mother seems to be the one reliable, stable influence to guide you through the changes you are facing.