a journey through an endless maze part 4

[continued] i asked her who she had been running from. NW: {in a tone almost hysterical} THEM ME: could you describe them? here my companion interjected "she was probably running from the same people i was"ME: and who was that?CDC:i cannot be sure exactly who they are, but they have unusual powers , such as manipulating energy and levels of reality ME: what do you mean manipulating levels of reality CDC:well, i know they have powers of teleportation and altering physical reality to some extent. you see, i saw them levitate a stainless steel cooking pot and travel on beams of light ME: that is fascinating. do you think they are native to this planet or are they extraterrestrial? CDC: that i am not sure of but i did see some remarkable things ME: i should say you did. did you see anything else? CDC: i saw gusts of wind come out of nowhere where no wind should have been. i asked for more details.this was very interesting indeed as the entire took place in indoor surroundings with one enclosed space after another. the only reminder that there was an outside world was the room previously described,the one with a skylight. when she provided them it became even more interesting. not only had this wind been blowing in a place where it should not have been,it was also confined to a certain space in an enclosed area. no other part of the room was affected, she had even seen a desk with papers on it come through this with no change whatever. and an added feature of interest-this small but powerful gust of wind seemed to come from a solid plaster wall -and not only that,this wind had been blowing in a way impossible for any wind our science knows of, it had been blowing at a slant downward!! not horizontally as every wind i know of does but diagonally in a downward direction! when i asked her under what circumstances this happened she answered there had been some kind of dispute between them and three of the occupants of one of the rooms they had entered. she had not seen many of the details- she was in the next room,which was very large- but anyway it had led to a scuffle which one of them had handled by summoning this wind,and also by levitating several objects,some of which were very hard-for example the stainless steel pot- and all 3 of the rooms occupants had fled. then she began running and went through several rooms,finally reaching the beech wood door . ME: did they pursue you when they saw you were fleeing? CDC: 2of them did. i do not know how far they chased me. i did not look back ME: this is more serious than i thought{now turning to the new arrival} you have heard what was said. are the people from whom you were running the same? NA:y-yes ME: do you have anything to add? NA: w-w-what ME: did you notice any acts beyond the capability of physical laws as we understand them? NA: w-w-well i guess i-i saw a big light glowing in this room,you know. it glowed big and started to get bigger. and then these guys stepped through it. i got really scared. i saw she was in shock. from her hesitant,stammering words and the expression on her face i judged her to be one step away from hysteria. then i happened to notice a stand in the corner of the room. it had teabags and a teapot. so i said "you have had an extremely trying experience. why don't we all have a cup of tea" [continued]