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First of all, I tried to post this, but somehow it got lost.... So if suddenly there seems to be two, I will ask an admin to help ....

So, I am an engineer (with an interesting past), and I am not one who looks for meanings in dreams, but after a strange dream and exposure to an excellent TV series I now have a question.....

The TV series was called the The OA. It is like an extended X-Files without Scully and Moulder. But one episode had an interesting plot line which was based about shared dreams. The fictional example was based in the 1920s where many people effectively dreamt of the coming Nazis.

So the engineer in me would like to know if it is possible for people with no physical or emotional attachment, or even knowledge of the other person to have the same dream. As a thought experiment it seemed quite challenging to verify such a phenomenon. You cannot just ask people if they dreamt the same thing, as due to the ephemeral nature of dreams. To ask the question can influence other people's dreams. Or it can potentially fill in some of the bits that do not get remembered and almost create a false memory. And of course, some people lie.

But last night I had a very strange dream that was nothing to do with the show, nothing to do with my life and as far as I can tell, nothing to do with actual historical events. It was a very odd dream, and remarkably clear in its detail. So, I decided to google some of the specifics. Date, location, and historical record of the event. This all came up negative.

But the way google works is by repetition. The more times something is searched, the more often that search term is suggested. This is commonly referred to as SEO Search Engine Optimisation.

So if you start to type something into Google, and that phrase has been searched before, Google will suggest that term. The more often that his has been searched, the higher up the list (or ranking) that term will become.

So last night I dreamt of a bishop or cardinal in Rome on trial for murdering another clergyman by poison. The reason being the murderer wanted to expose his beliefs called extentionalism. The year in question was 1925. The odd part (ok, odder part 🤣) was throughout his trial he was knitting constantly.

So I started to google 'knitting cl.....'
And one of the suggestions was knitting clergyman trial.
There were other search terms relating to this made up murder trial that also appeared as complete search terms as I started typing them. That would indicate that at least one other person has searched the same terms.

Therefore does it mean someone else has dreamt the exact same thing?

If it does, is there a way to prove the frequency of these events on a more scientific basis than google rankings?

I would be very interested in your thoughts, even if those thoughts are that I am completely insane....
Well, you could ask 10 000 people world wide to send you all their dreams where a bishop or a cardinal is present.
That would be an interesting scientific statistic on dreams, if you have the drive for it.
In normal dream interpretation , the bishop would be a part of yourself now indicating old roots, and the knitting would refer to binding of acts and thoughtforms to distance yourself from the clash between beliefs and accusation.
It would be insane to not admit mind over matter, and from a mind perspective it is no hindrance for unaware common dreams or pre or post awareness in dreams.
Hope you go for the investigative approach to this.;)


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We are all souls that are connected, when we dream we travel into the 4th dimesion, no more time, we can travel back ward or forwards in time, or connection with any other etinties or souls. This maybe a past life glimpse for you of your soul. Sometimes we dream and we see ourleves in the past or future. This dream knitting in the dream is what got your attention to the dream. The year gives your period in your life. This is dream that will help you grow. The more you know about your self. The more you can understand others.