A reoccurrence while dreaming about spirits/ghost/demons


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Hello everybody,

I'm new here. I wanted to share what's been happening to me during my nightmares for the past few years. Let it be known that I always had very intense dreams whether nightmare or regular dream.

My nightmares are always about spirits/ghosts/demons. No matter what happens in the dream (never the same thing, but I'm always being hunted by something even if it's not the main focus point of the dream) this happens:

All of a sudden my ears will start to ring VERY loudly. So loud that I have to stop what I am doing. The dream stops and a feeling of pure fear gets over me. The same feeling you get when going down on a rollercoaster. A shot of adrenaline. It usually stops after 10-15 seconds and my dream starts right back. During this ''pause of perceived reality'', I will often see or ear ghosts around me trying to touch me or communicate. Once (and this was the f*** worst), a phone rang in my dream and I picked it up. The ear ringing started and the dream stopped and I heard an old my trying to speak to me. I woke up absolutly terrified. So much that I had to go outside to take a breather.

I wanted to know if it happened to somebody else ? I'm starting to think I might be really hunted or mayby having ''in dream'' sleep paralysis? Might be sleep apnea? I don't know but it scares the living sh** out of me everytime.

Thank you for reading and any input or opinion is welcome!
I suggest, that you read the Bible, though it's your choice to do so or not.
Start with Genesis, which is the first book.
Then read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, for what Jesus response was to demons.
However it is your choice to read it.