a revelation in a city building part 1

this dream begins on a city street,walking in a westerly direction(strange how you are sometimes aware of directions in dream state) then coming to a 4-way stop and crossing the street heading north. after going about 6 blocks i came to a rather dilapidated looking building, very old to judge from the outside and suddenly on an urge i crossed the street and went inside. the interior of the building was utterly different from the exterior. it was very modern with an elevator capable of holding 58 people maximum capacity. but i took the stairway up. there were stairs on both sides of the wall. i used the south stairway. the building divided in 2 separate sections after 5 floors, the south stairway and the north stairway leading to different offices entirely. when i reached the fifth floor,with the dividing wall separating the two parts . on the south end a door opened and a group of people that i took to be scientists-they were all dressed in white coats- came out and took the stairs up just in front of me. and interestingly enough, a group of similarly dressed people arrived by way of the north stairway,but instead of taking the stairs they took the elevator. i followed the first group up taking the stairs.when they reached the eleventh floor there was a thick metal door which they opened by pressing buttons on a panel,entering a code to gain access. the metal door opened sliding sideways. much to my surprise they invited me in. so i went in. once inside i saw a scientific facility with ultra-sophisticated technology.behind a partition there was a small room with a window from the ceiling to almost the floor enabling the viewer to see most of the city skyline.(it could be revolved to see in the opposite direction) right now it was facing northwest. i looked around the room.it was simply fascinating. there were graphs and dials with different functions. one kept a record of all the air currents of the world. the wind speeds of given locations such as what were the wind speeds in the atlas mountains. another one told of air currents in the Sonora desert, the winds in the Andes, the winds in the Caribbean,another one recorded the winds in the north sea,also forecasting the probability of a hurricane in an area. other dials recorded the the currents in the oceans of the world. but not only that. they recorded the substances in the air at the time. what areas had excessive air pollution, how many chemicals were in the air. others told of the activity of the armed forces in the world, how many ships and submarines were active and at sea at the moment their speed and the range and caliber of the weapons and their location, the same for the air forces,what planes in the air at the time, their range and armament , their maximum speed,their highest altitude etc. the same for the armies,what troops were being deployed at the moment, their number and equipment . other graphs were specially deigned to record what radio waves were active at the time,their length and frequency. this,however did not cover the entire world but was aimed specifically at this city. recording all frequencies in use and their wavelengths, some i knew of such as, shortwave radio communication and all military communications at the time(there was an air force base about 35 miles away) but some i never even knew existed,which made me wonder if some of this might have something to do with alien technology. [continued]

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