a revelation in a city street part 2

[continued] as i looked with wonder at the technological marvels before me, i happened to look at a wide screen with pictures of waves constantly moving.some were straight others zigzag pattern . there was no uniformity among them. a scientist standing nearby explained "those are the wavelength patterns of all sound and transmission waves,including radar and sonar active in this area" this city was a port city,hence the reference to sonar. "here is where you were several hours ago" he pressed a button and i saw myself at the intersection about 6 blocks away from this building. only now there were all sorts of wave patterns visible. he said "those are ELF,EHF,and electro-magnetic waves 3 hours ago at the intersection ME: my god,what a lot of activity SCIENTIST: darn right there was.the whole area was being scanned ME:it felt as though i had to compel myself to walk forward, as though i were walking through a thick sticky substance SCIENTIST: now you know why. they scan everyone within 10 blocks of this building. we scan too,ME: but not in such a harmful way,i don't think SCIENTIST: [expletive] no.the beams they use could cause cancer if someone is exposed to them long enough. all they care about is identification of anyone who goes in or out of this building ME: [suddenly aware of the implications of that last remark] that is not reassuring SCIENTIST: darn right it's not. ME: but what are those searchlight beams i see SCIENTIST: they monitor all the air traffic here ME: so you keep a record of all frequencies active in this city SCIENTIST: all the frequencies,their parameters and what they are capable of affecting. would you like to see some of our achievements. come on. some of the technology they had developed were truly marvels. one device for use in diagnosing a patient was used by having the patient sit in a chair then wires were strapped to both wrists and a helmet was lowered. it was capable of reading what vitamins and minerals were plentiful and which were deficient, the body's metabolism and body fluids, which nerves were damaged and where, what bones were not aligned, which tissues were healthy,what vital organs were functioning as they should be and which were not, the patient's oxygen level, the blood type,the thickness and thinness of the blood and the brainwave pattern. a doctor was right there and wrote a prescription on the spot. in short it took them about 10 minutes to determine what most doctors would need months, sometimes years to find out. they had a frequency sound treatment which they claimed combined with a light beam treatment could work wonders in a patient's recovery. there were high frequency communication devices for reaching places all over the world, also high tech transportation, some of which worked in a way i had never seen before. elevators and small elevator cars ,some of which moved horizontally, used for getting to one section of the building to another and which moved on magnetic energy. [continued]