a secret mission and a dangerous situation part 2

[continued] once opened it led to secret places where gruesome experiments were performed on live patients-if i may use the word- some involving drilling holes in skulls and injecting subjects with various chemicals and metals in order to test their compatibility to the body. also experimenting with body fluids and the reaction of the body to certain elements. the interesting thing about it was in some cases they used visual stimulus and frequencies to stimulate the part of the brain corresponding to sensual pleasure. one patient(?) said "that was terrific. when can i schedule for another treatment?" "you can have it right now if you like" "great" they told him they needed to conduct more tests to find out what his medical problem was. they also had a mechanical helmet which they lower by pressing a button. once lowered,it covered the entire face.then the patient would be inundated with both visual and sound stimuli,designed to alter the brainwave pattern to whatever they wanted. not only that,it was capable of recording pictures from the "patient's" memory and showing it on a screen. but this could done only with a special implant. also had a potion mixed with certain brain fluids and chemicals which given to "patients" on a regular basis.it could alter the metabolism of anyone who took it. these were specially made and compounded in another secret room. we kept watching and remained hidden. if they decided to terminate a patient they could do it by means of a special ray which could also be used with the helmet. it would make any muscle,any nerve, any organ,instantly non-functional. the place of concealment was behind a curtain and a metal pillar.from it we had an excellent view of the center of the place. then a door opened at the far end of the room. [continued]