A strange and clear dream

Hi Community,

I’m a Muslim Bangladeshi citizen. I was born and raised up in Bangladesh and never been in the USA.

Consciously & subconsciously I never came across the name Jeffrey Hill anywhere throughout my whole life. Last night I dreamt a strange and clear dream that I was wandering in a place in the USA named Jeffrey Hill where I witnessed several daily life incidents & activities.

It was such a clear dream that made me awake soon after the dream before the time I usually wake up in the morning and search for that place on the internet. Surprisingly I found that the phrase Jeffrey Hill exists but not as the name of any place rater several persons.

Neither I ever think of USA nor I have any plan to migrate to the USA. Sometimes, I think of Canada as an investor immigrant based on available opportunity.

What could the possible explanation of such dream? I shall be really thankful for any clue.

Interesting. Jeffery Hill is a place in Preston, England.

Dear Nashelle,

Thanks for your attention.

According to the dream's phonetic the spelling of the place shall be Jeffrey Hill or Jeffry hill but not Jeffery Hill and the place was in the USA not in England. In the dream I didn't see the name of the place on any nameplate or signboard. When we are in a known place we actually know where exactly we are. The same thing happened to me in the dream.


Can you expand on this?

"where I witnessed several daily life incidents & activities"
Dear Fan Dee,

Based on the clue given by Nashelle, I found some pictures and a video of Jeffrey Hill, Longridge, Preston, Lancashire, UK
on the internet. Some moments in the dream have similarity with the place captured in the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lq5qao4r-FI but the place was in the USA.

In the beginning of the dream, I took lift from an American family (They were in a pickup truck) in a place similar to the video which has more similarity with the picture https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/low-angle-shot-highway-surrounded-by-mountains-hills_10292571.htm (unbelievable, right? You might be thinking that I'm making a story but that's 100% true. If I'm not, I shall know myself as the most ugly person in the world before the moment of death.) and got down into a poor residential city area (Not sure if I should rather say suburb as there was no high rise building in that area. All the houses were in a row. Whatever it is, that place was a locality). When I was passing through the place, poor and pale people were looking at me and I was feeling bad for not being able to help them. I was feeling good when I got out of that area. In the next sceneries I saw some usual and busy city area daily life activities like busy people are walking on the street, storekeepers are selling things and vehicles are passing through, etc.

I hope that someone may explain the meaning of such dream.

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