a swim to the museum


Last night's dream

I grew up in poverty, my single mum struggled hard to get food on the table, and more often than not we didn't even have a roof over our heads.
One day at school a teacher (female) asks how I feel about adoption, and to reinforce the idea she suggests showing me what my life as a "German" could be like.

She leads me and a little boy, to whom I am not related but think of as a little brother, to a beach/river bank. I don't know if it's a river, a lake, bay or whatever, but I pass by this place every day and have swum in the water many times. Right next to it is a basin (maybe part of an animal park) and someone releases in regular intervals a different species of animal into the basin. This time three giant walrus plunge into the basin. They have leather covers over their tusks so as to not injure each other.
My teacher (now male) has already walked several paces into the water and is standing hip deep in the water lookin back at us beckoning. This body of water is a common travel route for people (swimming or walking, no boats) and I have taken this "path" many times before. The water is greenish but fairly clear and one can see right to the bottom. There are fish in it, loads of them and they have sharp protruding teeth. Although they could potentially bite a chunk out of my flesh, I'm not much concerned about them. For a moment I think that I don't wanna get wet, but then I go in. I know the water is shallow enough for me to walk through, but I prefer swimming. Just as I have got deep enough to start swimming, an alligator appears next to me. It's so close I could easily touch it, and I back up a little so as to not get hit by its tail. I'm surprised by it's sudden appearance, but I'm not afraid and it swims right past me toward the shore.
I enjoy swimming so much I didn't even notice that my teacher had gone ashore. I had gone past him before I knew it. I find a straight path (between rock, trees and other people) to get to him quickly. The boy is several paces behind me, but we reach our teacher and get out of the water at about the same time.

Our teacher takes us to a museum than leaves. We have to pay the entrance fee ourselves. The ticket machine is old and malfunctions. The boy tries to pay with a strip of chewing gum that has a barcode on the wrapper. The machine seems to accept it but in the end I have to pay for both of us.
Inside two women show us around and explain things. (Definitely have been here before in another dream) We look out of a window/glass door onto a balcony or sunroom. The house was once inhabited by a famous author/artist. One of the women explains that there used to be "remains" of the author's horse in a corner somewhere. And that the author had a habit of counting certain elements from the elaborate ceiling murals when he had trouble sleeping. I take a look at the very detailed paintings and say to the boy that trying to find all these objects in the murals would certainly deprive me of sleep rather than help. The guides disapprove of my behaviour.
At first there are no other visitors, but it fills up pretty quickly. There are leaflets on a tables and I flip through one of them. I turn around and notice a large number of framed oil paintings. Each painting has a small square in the bottom right corner showing a space scene (nebulae, galaxies, etc.). I point out to the boy that these are detailed versions of the painting's background which is covered up by some foreground object, e.g. a sail boat.

As we leave the museum, I see a summer fair and tell the boy I wanna take a look at some of the stands, but he has other plans and, since the pedestrian light is already green, he crosses the street. I contemplate going after him, but my curiosity is stronger and I quickly go over the fair. They don't seem to have what I was looking for, so I leave.
The road has only one lane for each direction, but the two lanes are divided by a strip of greenery with a tiled path. On that strip I see someone in a dark brownish t-shirt on a bike and think it's the boy so I follow him only to find out that it's a much older guy. I cross the road angry at the boy for running away from me. I contemplate slapping him when I find him. I finally see him sitting on a bench leaning over the backrest and gazing into space. He's wearing the same bluish/greenish-white striped t-shirt he's worn all day, so I should have known. I'm glad to find him and forget all about slapping him. He tells me that he found a candy shop and we look through the windows and watch the making process. A woman uses a machine to mix the candy batter which is mostly yellow with a small pinkish area on one side.

We finally go home. I don't recall how I got there but I get out of the water at the shore from the beginning of my dream.

Home is now very different from before. I live there with my RL mum and some guy. My mum and I are messing around a little, she is wiping off her dirty (maybe paint covered, or bloody from cooking) hands on my arms/long sleeves just after I had cleaned myself up. And I think I'm joking around with the guy, too. No clue who he is, maybe my dream mum's boyfriend?

Any idea or insight on this is appreciated.