a trip through space and time part 3

with the Moslem wise man i could catch ALLAH AKBAR with this wise man i could catch KADDISH ADONAI YOU SABAOTH i could also distinguish BARUCH HASH EM i could not distinguish all the words. nor being fluent in Hebrew but i could make out some. as soon as he finished praying he stopped strolled over to the station and looked out over the city . then he seemed to gaze at the horizon. after awhile we engaged in conversation. we covered very many topics, one of them being the materialism which was widespread in the world.also the predilection of humanity for conflict and strife. i recall he quoted a well known philosopher "technology is making gestures precise and brutal and with it men" Theodore adorno and "for sin is just this, what man by his very nature cannot do with his whole being: it is possible to silence the conflict within the soul but it is not possible to uproot it" martin buber i cannot repeat all of this fascinating conversation,. finally the time came for the train to leave and his parting blesasing 'may the wisdom of adonai illluminate the path before you "so we got on the back on the train. aftrer the train had been going it suddenly slowed down and gradually came to a stop. this time there was no PING. i looked at the board.none of the alphabets were lit. i looked out the window-and drew back,surprised. the place where the train had stopped-was next to a graveyard! then i noticed three people near the area, two were elderly and the third was a girl i judged to be roughly the same age as the boy. she wore a a lace collar, a dress with an ankle length skirt and buckled shoes. the boy got of the train and was engaged in conversation with them,especially the girl. i did not get off the train. i stayed where i was. the girl had orange-red hair almost pumpkin color.thne boy was perfectly at ease with them. i might not have been, because i already had a suspicion as their nature. given where the train had stopped and all of them being in clothes by no stretch of the imagination could have passed for modern. then i heard a knock at the window. i looked up and saw the girl standing just outside the train window and looking as though she wanted to communicate. before she could the two older people came and dragged her away. this led to a scene between them. i could make out that were arguing.. all i could get of it was by lipreading once (something i cannot do in waking life) "thou must not have speech with him" the older woman said that. she very plainly had her own views on the matter. then when things had quieted down,the boy instead of getting back on the train got on another train car which i just noticed was there. it was shaped like a cube and was made of a very tough alloy containing titanium. this train was on a different track going in the opposite direction. it was headed to a nearby town. then both trains took off at once,his to the town and mine went for a short distance-and then straight upward!! i saw that there was no longer any track for the train to ride on. and that is the dreams conclusion. i certainly hope someone can help me sense of this
I don't think you really needs me to say anything, but indeed God is great, blessed be His name.
The youth I would say were the youth in you, your instinct and willingness to dear, but were he leaves the train, at the site of your past loved one, you do not believe in that no more, even if she gets very uneasy bout it. And you journey beyond the death and lifts to heaven where you have no footsteps to lean on. ..
When you comes to your Father in Heaven, please remember me sometimes J. Oak Silversword
Sinner as I am I might loose the track and rememberance in this maze .May the light of truth shine your way
All honor to God,