a vision through time and good advice part 2

[continued] as i was walking down the street i happened to notice a store window with glass jars of fruit on display the store was closed at the moment but i noticed stewed prawns , jars of peaches in their own juices ,jars of apricots, jars of dates, jars of prunes,some of them preserved in their own juices,others preserved in alcohol, when i strolled away then i saw a man in military uniform walking across the street roughly parallel to where i was crossing it. so we fell into conversation. there was a lot of mud on his boots as though he had been walking for a very long distance.in the course of the conversation i learned he had enlisted in New Orleans and had been in combat for about 2 weeks running, had been sent to a rest area to recuperate returned to the front saw more fighting and just been granted a 3 week furlough . then the conversation turned to the preserved fruit in the store window. then he pointed the healing power of apricots that you could even use a substance in apricot seeds to fight cancer. peaches were good for the lungs. he was almost lyrical about stewed prawns. i decided i would put his advice to the test. i have used both apricots and peaches with very good results. and this is a very unusual healing dream that i hope someone can help me analyze.