an invisible thread?


I'm inside a large building (it could be a shopping center or office building), but I don't remember what I was doing inside. As I leave, a woman tries to hand me something (you know, these little gifts people hand out to advertise for their shops), but I ignore her and go my way. She says something and her voice seems familiar, but I don't care enough to look up or turn around. She however won't have it, and before I know it, she's by my side pushing the thing into my hands. I look up and see that it is my (RL) coworker. I already know that this grey plastic piece she was handing me is a recording device, but I still ask sorta dumbfounded: "What's this?" She answers my question before rejoining her coworkers. I follow her. As I see the other woman of her group of three, I recall a conversation we had a while ago where she told me something (dunno what) about her coworker. I'm like: "So that's your coworker?" looking at the woman and expecting to get properly introduced, but the woman excuses herself and leaves.
I imagine something dark and dangerous appearing behind the woman and the male coworker, and my big, imposing brother coming to their rescue, scaring them even more. But it's just in my head.
My brother and I move on, crossing a bridge. It's getting dark. I hear water splashing as if a couple of ducks are in a hurry to get ashore. I turn around startled and with a sense of insecurity, as if I'm expecting an approaching danger. It's too dark to see the water birds. Along the way we see two animals lying by the roadside. My brother notes that there are a lotta dead animals to be found these days. I think I see some movement, push my bag into my brother's arms and go check on the bodies, a calf and a foal. I find them alive and conclude that they can still be saved. I want to put the calf on my shoulders, but change my mind and put the foal there instead, cause the calf is smaller and therefore easier to carry in my arms. (It would be smarter to let my taller and stronger brother carry them, but for some reason I don't think that it was a good idea) - the end -