an uncertain quest ends on an enlightening note part 2

as soon as i let them know there was general consternation. (i wonder why?) now we knew that there were hostile forces at work, and those forces would stop at nothing to prevent us from getting the knowledge we sought. so J.hickory and myself worked out a plan. we decided we would go forward as originally intended. with the proper precautions. that is, activate our shields of defense which would be proof against any mind-taps the enemy might throw against us. J. hickory and i went forward for about 12 city blocks then we split up,he going east and i was going south. after awhile i came to a traffic circle with tall juniper bushes all around it. i heard the engine of a car approaching and took cover behind a juniper bush. soon a four door maroon convertible pulled up. its passengers were three people. an older man about maybe 48 years old,tall and bulky, a woman very tall with platinum blonde hair and a younger man about 29 years old,with dark hair slicked back. the older man had his hair cut very short. the car pulled over to the side of the circle and they all got out. this terrain was hilly and the center was slightly more elevated. the younger man carried with a device of some sort. it contained several dials and and meters. what its purpose was i could not discern. but he put it straight in the center of the circle. the older man and woman went back to the car but he stayed up there longer and seemed to be reading the dials. suddenly his face wore an expression of utter astonishment. the dials were fluctuating wildly. suddenly the machine began to emit sparks.he began to gesture frantically to the others. the older man got out and started up. the younge man met halfway and began to speak very excitedly, pointing to the machine, when suddenly it seemed as though the earth opened and fire from the earth surrounded the machine. it was a strange looking fire. not like any i had ever seen before. then both of them ran to the car., and got in. the older man put the keys in the car and started the engine. for the first time he said something i was able to hear clearly" all right. let's get out of here "meanwhile the flames had begun to expand and widen and were coming closer to the car at an amazing speed. the car began to move,but it was already too late. all of a sudden the car reared up like a horse when it stands on its hind legs.then flames engulfed the car. i broke cover and watched what was happening. i went in closer. the interesting thing was i could see waves like heat waves with my naked eye but no heat. even as i approached no noticeable change in the temperature. then i looked at the flames. these were not like flames i had seen anywhere before. this was a kaleidoscope of colors. very bright colors. first deep blue, then light red, then bright orange,and then i noticed something else unusual. silver fire. that is right. silver, a natural probiotic, connected to the moon. then sapphire fire.truly dazzling. with its bright blue. sapphire a wisdom gemstone. there were many more, copper fire. copper the great conductor,then the deep red of the ruby,the bright green of the emerald and the brilliant orange of the citrine. i stood and watched almost hypnotized by what i saw.then the flames began to recede and return to their source. now there was a mist covering the whole area. that is, the small area within the circle where the car was. the mist was partly mint green,partly a tangerine color. a very pleasant mist,both visual and olfactory. [continued]​