Another House

I showed up and my brother and sister needed me to take them to somewhere but not yet, there was still time to get sleep. There were other people in this house and the porch was the same as the one we lived in as youngsters. So everyone went to sleep except me, I prepared food for the trip, placing it neatly in an oversized paper bag, using deli paper to protect each food item, most of which were sub sandwiches. I got nostalgic and went downstairs to the garage that was where the basement should be. This doesnt make sense in reality but thats how it was. There was this thing sitting there and it communicated with me mentally, telling me how fun it was going to be and how awesome everyone would think I was, and truly this thing made me feel great for a second but I soon realized it was a trick with serious drawbacks so I told the thing I must leave and wasnt interested with impressing people and then left without reconsidering. I went back upstairs to the porch where everyone else was but my brother and sister had already left so I wondered why they left without me and who were these other people. I was stunned and felt numb and without physical feeling and then I woke up.