Any holiday related dreams?

Actually, the absence of holiday related dreams can also be notable.

The lack of holiday related dreams might be explained by keeping clear of the over-commericalization, and hectic nature of the holidays. I'm also able to experience quiet holidays - that is get-togethers are generally one or two people at a time. Most importantly, being thankful for what we have.
In a dream from early this morning, I briefly visit various homes where small parties of people are playing their Christmas vinyl LPs, with performers from the 1950s and 1960s. I can see the album covers though I don’t remember exactly what they looked like.

I am then at my own party, where I want to brag about having a rare Christmas album by the Beach Boys. I take the album out of the sleeve but discover it only has four of five songs on it, all by Bing Crosby.


I always dream of moving house and visiting new floors, each time the house is better and nice and tidy now, I gather it reflects my subconscious now and in order.