Assaulted by a Sheriff


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The first part I remember of the dream...
I was in a police station, a holding cell or interrogation room. I was handcuffed and I was feeling like I was being mistreated. I was in a chair and there was a sheriff in the room with me. I was sort of taunting him as though I was saying "that's all you got?" I called him a big fat doughnut eating pussy and told him to give me his worst. He took out his pistol and hit me square in the bottom teeth. A couple teeth broke into pieces and I was spitting the bloody teeth at him telling him I would own him by the time this was over. It seemed like as many teeth as I spit out there were more loose ones in my mouth. Two other policemen came and removed him from the room and left me there spitting teeth into a bloody pool on the floor. I woke up breathing heavily with my bottom lip sticking out feeling extremely angry and wanting revenge.

What in the world could this mean????