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I dreamed, I was at a university /school pushing a cart with things on it.(can't remember what) going with a group to a large telescope on the roof .
I had to go to bathroom so I went into bathroom and there was a steaming shower running. A sink a couple low partition walls separated shower and what I thought was toilet. There was clothes on hangers from ceiling obstructing view of toilet, when I moved clothing back to enter I seen not a toilet but only a box. I had to go really bad so I turned around and by the running shower and pee'd in a smaller dented metal waste can (like from in an office) that was sitting at an angle and commented to self that my pee was really dark.

I then sprung awake and was peeing myself in bed.

Any thoughts or interpretation?
Hello Preddoc.
Is the telescope significant for you, does it mean anything to you?
Was anyone having a shower or was it only the water flowing?
As for peeing, "when you gotta go, you gotta go".


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I guess I worked in a physics & astronomy dept at a university a decade ago.

No one was showering, just water running
The dark urine may indicate blood and could be related to Egyptian mythology. The sun god Re was said to have created humankind from his own tears and the gods Hu (authority) and Sia (mind) from blood drawn from his penis.

Being with those who are using a telescope (looking at the cosmos) may suggest you are among people who are seeking knowledge and authority that has cosmic importance.