Being the Grim Reaper

Agaric McFly

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"I want to show you something" Said a kid's voice. All of a sudden I found myself in a city made out of cardboard. The walls where blue and pastel purple, with orange light coming from the inside the windows. It looked like something out of sesame street. "I have a very cool idea" he said, as we both sat on the roof of one of the buildings, with our feet dangling in the air.

He pointed up in the sky, a yellow plane was flying there and we were immediately transported to sitting inside of it. "Tell me about your cool idea" I asked the child with playful curiosity. "If you want to become a millionaire, you can make crispbread, formed like an airplane and held together by sticky brown cheese." He created his invention out of thin air, so I could see what it would look like.

"Is that something you would want to eat?" I asked him, this time with genuine curiosity. "Only if I was on an airplane, it would be good as airplane food." He said, and the crispbread airplane was wrapped inside a neat little cardboard box. "Well, I thought kids on airplanes wanted chocolate" I suggested.

"No, that is just what adults give us because they don't know any better, this is my invention, if you want to you can have it" He said and offered me the box. "Well, that is a really cool idea, why not just do it yourself?" I asked. "I can't anymore because I'm leaving" He said. "You look a little too young to be leaving" I politely told him.

"Yeah, but its okay because sometimes I get to visit mom and dad when they dream so they don't get too sad." I said nothing, suddenly we were back in the cardboard city again. "I have some friends who wants to come over, but they can't get on the boat. Will you help them, since I gave you my idea?" He asked me. I smiled to him "Of course" and as it all seemed to make sense, I was blown away by a stream of white clouds.

As the clouds evaporated I found myself flying above a busy twilight harbor. The old city surrounding it had a tint of light beige, as if it was from an aged photograph. The golden bell from the steamboat kept calling, as old people, some of them were women wearing black widow dresses with a feathered hat, where boarding the boat in a thick queue.

My attention caught the sight of a group of five kids standing together on the harbor, looking to the deck above them. I could tell that they wanted to board the ship, but were unable to, because the boarding had ended, and the people already standing in line would be the last ones to board. "Look, a dreamer!" They said and pointed up at me, as I landed right next to them.

"We tried to board the ship, but the policeman wouldn't let us" One of them explained. "No worries, I'll just fly you all on top of the deck myself" I said, then I carried them aboard one by one. I could fly easily, so I simply flew them atop of the boat, where the light in the distance shined upon us like a sunrise, the waters reflected its beauty up from the waves. I pointed into the bright loving sun "thats where we're headed".

As I counted them something just didn't feel quite right "Are we one short?" I asked them. "Sebastian didn't want to come because he didn't have the right shirt." said the littlest girl, all of the kids had white shirts with pink ties. Somehow I was given memories of Sebastian, whom I had never met, how small things like forgetting his shirt would bother him, how he sometimes didn't feel worthy, and how he really wanted to have a white shirt with a pink tie, like everyone else. Especially when he was going on his journey with the boat.

I looked ashore and saw him there on land, a handsome young lad, his facial expression was that of someone in the process of accepting getting left behind. I flew down to him "What are you doing here? I know you're dying to leave, don't you wanna go now with your friends?" I asked him. "I don't have the right shirt. I forgot to bring my white shirt and pink tie." He said, I sighed in frustration as I rushed inside of a nearby shop. Something inside of me just knew there was no point in trying to negotiate with him, it was really important that he had the right shirt and tie.

I hurried over to the corner where they had their white shirts with pink ties. They had two shirts left, one was size large and the other was size 39. I figured size large would be a bit baggy, but the collar would fit nicely around Sebastians neck. However, I would prefer a size 39, as it would be more well fitted and I was okay with not wearing the tie.

On the other hand, perhaps Sebastian would rather wear the tie with a more baggy shirt? Or, would he just keep the top button open and wear it with the smaller shirt? What is better? A shirt that is a little too small, or a shirt that is a little bit too big? This was going to be Sebastian's great travel, I didn't want to ruin it with getting him the wrong shirt. I knew how important having the right shirt was to feeling comfortable for him, but what he didn't consider was how much fun he would have when he traveled together with his friends and how that would make the journey even more enjoyable than having the right shirt.

As I stressed and over-analyzed, I felt the world's pull on me release itself. I drifted back into wherever I was. And I remembered that I was sleeping in my bed, I remembered how hard it was to go back here once I had woken up there. I wouldn't be able to help Sebastian board the ship, I should have just picked a shirt and gotten the kid aboard. "I'm so sorry, if I only had more time" I said. "It's okay, it wasn't his time yet" I heard a voice say. "It could have been if I didn't mess up." I nagged as my vision started to fade into the blackness of my closed eyelids.

Sometimes, in these moments of darkness, while I have yet to open my eyelids. If I just relax and get accustomed to it, I can see something special there. Like the beauty, dancing, as her dress tosses around. Sometimes, if I just look and let myself be pulled along, I stand there besides her. Wendy promised Peter Pan that her heart would always cry out for him, in these moments, not awake, nor truly asleep.

If one tries this, maybe you can begin to glimpse some of this too? Maybe you already do. You just think they're small distortions. Who knows what you'll see, if you look a little closer. Maybe all of a sudden, someone flicks the light switch. However, by then you already know. You have that magic in you as well. And you can begin to dream of a world, where Peter Pan and Wendy, always fly together. Or whatever it is you dream of.