best friend proposed to in my dream... it actually was happening in real time


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I had a dream early this morning (one of those very vivid / post wakeup back into sleep dreams) that my best friend was proposed to by a man who is also a good friend of mine. They've been dating for many years and I figured it was going to happen soon because they are on a trip together in Hawaii

I havent talked to her in a couple weeks but I texted her letting her know I dreamt about her today and hope she was having fun in Hawaii.. what do you know, he proposed to her LAST NIGHT. I'm pretty intuitive but this has never happened to me before.

I'm a little freaked out both because this happened but also because the dream was not necessarily a good one. The energy of it was very anxious -- like panicky anxious. and in it he gave her a ring that she hated, it was super modern // futuristic to the point where it didn't even look like an engagement ring. I haven't talked to her yet about how she feels about the actual ring but from the pic she sent me it's absolutely beautiful! So i'm not sure where that came from. But the anxious feeling was palpable. Not really sure if I should share that with her (she's going to ask me what the dream was like when we talk on the phone later), and also how to process this dream in general. Like i woke up feeling tight. We had a conversation a month ago in which she shared she's really scared to get married, there's some underlying concerns that aren't big ones (i personally think they are a perfect couple with a happy future ahead) but i can tell she was freaked out a bit. hmmmmmmmmm.... curious to hear others' interpretations and thoughts
Dreams are often reflections of our subconscious thoughts, feelings, and fears. This doesn't mean your dream is a prediction or more than just your brain processing information. It is a bit of a coincidence that your friend got engaged the same night you had your dream, but it's also likely that because you thought they would get engaged soon, your brain incorporated that into your dream.

As for the anxious energy and the engagement ring that she didn't like in the dream, this might reflect your understanding of her anxieties about getting married. Perhaps the futuristic ring symbolizes her fear of the unknown or uncertainty about the future.

It's also important to remember that dreams can exaggerate our feelings. So while the dream felt intensely anxious, it might simply be an overblown representation of the mild anxiety you know your friend is experiencing.

When you talk to your friend, you could mention that you had a dream about her engagement, but you might choose to leave out the anxious parts unless you think she'd find it helpful. Since she's already shared her fears about marriage with you, it might not be surprising to her that those fears would appear in your dream.

For processing the dream yourself, you might find it helpful to write about it in a journal or talk it over with someone you trust. This can help you understand your feelings and gain some perspective. You can also take this as a reminder to check in with your friend about her feelings about the engagement. She might appreciate having someone to talk to about her fears and anxieties.

Most importantly, listen to your intuition and use this dream to support your friend during this exciting but potentially nerve-wracking time in her life.