Crashing UFO, huge explosion


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Hey there,

last night, I had a strange dream. I don't know where exactly it was set and I cannot remember the initial stages of the dream; I do know I was first at Madam Tussaud's, though it didn't look anything like the real one in London. There was a special exhibit showing Star Wars figures, or rather a Star Wars figure, in this case Yoda. It was kind of movie-like, but clearly after Empire Strikes Back/Return of the Jedi. It didn't adhere to Star Wars lore; Yoda was wearing some kind of helmet with strange symbols on it, it was a dark and dingy swamp like place (a bit reminiscent of Dagobah). There was more going on which I can't remember in detail. I think I/we were also by followed by something/someone.

Cut to the next part of the dream; I don't know whether we left Madam Tussaud's or if the dream just shifted there. My sister, my girlfriend, and I were walking along a footpath which was a strange blend of the footpath along the little river in my home village, a mountainous terrain I've been to in Israel, and Japan. It was night time, and despite street lights casting a warm light all around, we could see the stars in the sky. Beholding them was an odd sensation as I was, in a way, zooming in on individual stars; I clearly remember one pulsating, flickering very brightly. It was a struggle to look at the night sky as a whole without zooming in; it was a sky I'd last seen when up in the mountains over a decade ago. In the distance, there was a city; I again cannot put a location to it, it was rather nondescript. High rise buildings, a bit of a skyline, an apparent downtown area. It wasn't too great but big enough to warrant it being classified a city. At any rate, as we were walking along this footpath (the temperature was really pleasant), suddenly, up in the sky above the city, there was a UFO (many small lights on an otherwise unilluminated disc/"saucer" in a straight line; you could make out the silhouette of the spacecraft). It hovered around for a while; I nudged my girlfriend and pointed it out to her (she's never seen one in her life, let's say I'm more familiar with them). It took a her a while to make it out and she was quite taken aback upon seeing it, though not overly surprised. Then, the UFO began to tilt downwards, clearly not managing to stay in the sky, spinning slightly, hurling right at the city. I remember thinking "well, **** me, that's certainly not good." It crashed into it and there was a huge explosion, beginning to spread out from the point of impact. I had only seconds to decide what to do; there were stairs leading down, presumably an underground path, and a little wall leading into a house beside us. The steps were facing the direction of the detonation, risking it spreading downwards and grilling us; the wall wasn't too thick and I worried it may fall down over us. I figured we'd have time to get to neither anyway, so I kicked my sister in the back of the knee and just pulled her and my significantly smaller girlfriend down onto the ground so we'd lie flat on the paving stones. Being a lucid dreamer, I felt the shockwave blast over us, already full of dust and quite warm. I'd pulled up my I think jumper I was wearing over my face; it was terribly hard to breathe. It was a bit of a 9/11-esque sensation; I was worried what breathing in the dust would do. I couldn't see anything, but I knew the worst, the heat wave, was yet to come, and I could feel it washing over us. Strangely, the explosion wasn't loud at all, no boom or anything you'd expect.

Before resolving anything, I woke up.

Being a lucid dreamer, I did feel all these sensations rather than just knowing them; I manipulated the dream insofar as that I was then wearing a jumper I could pull over my face. Other than that, I let it pan out the way it happened.

I'm a bit lost as to what it's supposed to mean. There's obviously a very spacey theme permeating it, ranging from Star Wars at Madam Tussaud's to the UFO, though I cannot see the connection. From how it feels like, the details I've forgotten about the first do not appear to hold any necessary information to understand the connection. It was certainly an interesting if disturbing dream. I'm just puzzled as to what it's supposed to tell me; especially the latter part stayed with me, prompting this post.