Disgusting Dream


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Hi all, I am new here and I was not sure what to title the thread without it being disgusting. Disclaimer, it’s very gross and disturbing for me at least.

In my dream I go to pee in the bathroom - not one of those dreams that tell me I need to get up to pee - and it’s dark. I flush the toilet and the toilet starts overflowing and then shoots so much poop onto the walls, tub, floor … everywhere. It even gets in my mouth and I am in full panic/meltdown/grossed-out mode and trying to get the poop out of my mouth with water. My mom, who passed away over 12 years ago, says calmly that I should open the door or something to that extent and I desperately respond with I need mouthwash as I am trying to keep washing my mouth out with water in the sink. I notice there id a bottle of mouthwash next to me on the sink and it has some poop on it or something dirty on it. I am just feeling like I cannot get the poop out of my mouth and then I wake up.

Any insight on what this could mean ? Thank you so much !
Well your means of getting rid of your **** is blocked in some way, and it rebounce on you .
Your mother is somehow related to it, so it is an old problem.
It is dark, so you have little consciousness on it.
Keep your attention on the dreamsituation for a while untill you gets presence, so it's reveiled how you should act to solve the blockage.
You see the blockage is in your energy, so it lacks circulation .


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A Possible Interpretation

Yours is essentially a dream about excess input and excretion.

Imagine yourself, physically and physiologically, living a life:

Step 1: You eat - this is the input of your life. Eating here refers not only to food - but to any experiences in life you take in. Examples: not only your food but: your job, books, TV, friends/relatives - and all experiences of your mind, emotions and instincts.

Step 2: The physiology then works to chew on (consider, contemplate), digest, absorb and assimilate the experience.

Step 3: Excretion: any experience not properly absorbed, digested and assimilated is excreted.

Your dream focuses on step 3. There is an excess of experience that is taken in and not digested and absorbed properly - and so your system is in overdrive of excretion.

The feeling of (self) disgust is shame at the experience.

Mouth-washing so desperately may indicate an inability to discriminate what experience you are taking in. Some particular experience is unsuitable for you (even causing eventual feelings of disgust) - and needs to be cut out of your life.

Mother (wisdom) is offering a way out (the door) to leave this experience of excess input and excretion. The 12 years from her death may imply you need to die to (that is, leave off) some experience or situation in your life.

[Note: Actually waking up from a dream - or nightmare - is a very good sign. This means that if you are able to interpret the dream/nightmare situation, you are able to awaken/become conscious of this dream/nightmare situation in your life - and deal with it to come out of it.

Summary: Identify where in your life there is an emphatic unsuitable input of experience - and consciously eliminate it.

Does this interpretation help?