Disney oriented dream

I had one weird dream this morning (I actually had two but the first one I'm not going to bother to recount since it only had to do with a bathrooms). The 2nd one was more interesting.

At first I was watching some movie on videocassette on VCR. When the movie ended (and I didn't want the 2nd feature on the same Video Cassette)- I stopped the tape and rewind it like I was taught to do. But when the tape was finishing rewinding instead of just jutting out of the VCR it jumped out of the VCR into a pile of toys instead. Then the scene changed it was basically a cross of being outdoors and having fences around the outdoors. What I can (its like I was watching a movie so I'm outside of the fence)-is a close-up of the fence and there's two teens, one a girl looks like Hilary Duff (who I guess is suppose to represent me) and a boy teen- kinds of looks like Zac Efron's High School Musical character Troy Bolton. (Let's just call im Zac for the rest of the time). By now the camera switch POV and it's from "Hilary's" POV. I don't think the two of us are an item but I got the feeling that the boy has feelings for my character.

We're standing next to a big rock which almost looks like the jutting out part of the Pride Rock from the The Lion King and some vegetation. Hilary is upset about something to do about a pith helmet she normally has. Like she lost it or something. Zac says he's going to go back to the cabin or something to see if it might be there? He goes back and around the rock and he wasn't gone for too long when something captured me (Hilary) from behind I'm not sure if I screamed or what- (If I didn't scream, how did Zac know I was in trouble?) so he's returns but like me gets captured. I only get a good view of the creatures who captured us because of Zac getting captured- they kind of looked like Centaurs but the only difference ins there hands are about as blue as the Natives from the Avatar movie.

From what I could hear of the centaurs talking that the governor of the state had sent a bunch of teens (including me and Zac) on a camping trip. It just this camping grounds was imposing on the centaurs' habit and the centaurs weren't happy about it.

Then the scene changed again and I was on a boat with a bunch of other people-and some centaurs from the scene before. The boat looked like a cross between a particular ferry to Toronto islands and a Steamboat. I guess at least I (don't know if Zac) was injured and Centaur's healer was tending my wounds. I looked up at what I guess was the chieftain Centaur (had a face similar to Disney's Powhatan) and I said thanks. And he said that I could let go (I don't know what I was letting go of). Then the boat stopped and the humans all went down to the first deck-I was the last person to arrive but it didn't look like the first deck of a ferry ship but someone's living room all the seats were taken and just as I was going to sit on the floor a white dog showed up and in their mouth was PJs belonging to the real me (either black or dark blue PJs with white dogs on them+underwear and pink socks). I was trying to get the dog to drop the PJs and I then woke up