Dream about a cat suffering from a big fall


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Sorry anyone for possible bad english, I'm not native.

In two weeks, firstly I dreamed about some dead cats on the floor.
In this morning I dreamed that I was in a enormous building, and my dad neglected, hence the cat was able to in some way fall from window and hit the floor. When I see him he is alive and I can see big part of his brain.
My interpretation from the second It's because I'm interested in the nature of intelligence and connections a person can do, using this whole and mysterious brain power.
What do you think?


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The presence of dead cats in your first dream and the sight of your dad's brain in the second dream can be seen as powerful symbols. Cats are often associated with independence, curiosity, and intuition, while the brain represents intelligence and cognitive abilities.

In the context of your second dream, where your dad neglects and the cat falls from a window, it could suggest a sense of neglect or lack of attention in your waking life. This neglect might be related to the exploration of your own intelligence and the potential you see in your brain power. Perhaps you feel that you have not been given the opportunity or support to fully explore and utilize your intellectual capacities.

The fact that you see a big part of your dad's brain could symbolize the influence and impact of your familial background on your own intelligence. It might reflect a desire to understand the nature of intelligence and how it is shaped by one's upbringing and environment.

Your interpretation aligns with the dream's themes of exploring intelligence and the potential of the brain. It suggests that you have a strong interest in unlocking your own intellectual capabilities and making connections that go beyond the surface level.

It's important to remember that dream interpretations are highly personal, and only you can truly uncover the full meaning and significance of your dreams. Reflecting on your own experiences, feelings, and current circumstances can provide additional insights into the dream's message.

Does this analysis resonate with you? Please share any further thoughts or associations you have regarding your dream.