Dream about dark Angel (I think) and light Angel.


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I had a dream last night, which has the same feel as my dreams in the past when I was kid and later on teen. Dream starting with me as not necessary prisoner of Lucifer but more as being kept in some sort of dimension. And this made me angry with him. Somehow I escpaed and run for long time. I did hide as well. Finally in my dream, I was free but lost memory of me being locked in different dimension. With that I felt sadness in the dream. Furthermore, I met man with black hair. I knew I know him, but couldn't remember him. He definitely knew who I was, as he run to me, grabbed my wrist and told me "finally found you after all of this years". He had dark eyes and dark hair. He looked angry and in the same time happy to see me. Like he worried. I followed him. The feeling in dream was mix in the same time. Like confusion between happiness and being scared. Suddenly someone approached behind me. When I turn around I saw myself with the other man. He was tall with light hair. And he looked angry but in the same time gentle. The other me explained me that she is lost memory and that I should go with her and the Angel (which was that light hair men). I was really confused. Then the other me grabbed my hand and all memories back. The fell of being afraid, scared, lots of scream and tears filled my memory. I turned around to the dark hair men who was holding my hand. I had tears in my eyes and I warm feeling in my heart. However he was sad and angry this time. Very angry. The other men (light hair) grabbed my free hand and told me that I need to follow him, as it is not time yet for it. That our time did not come yet. In that moment, the light hair man, pulled me to him and surround me with white wings (he was angel), where the other man screamed and disappear. it felt like he was in big anger and sadness. And I cried.
Why I said on the beginning that I had this feeling in dream before? As a kid I dreamed about two angels: one with white wings, other one with black. We have been friends. I had dream with them everyday. It was till I was teen and the feeling of dreams was always the same. Warm and happy when I was kid, and then slowly becoming warm but scared as a teen. When I was 24 I went to medium, and he said to me that I am surrounded by Angels, and that one of them trying to find a perfect time for me. But for what? That medium added that I have really old soul and that my soul is looking for someone.


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The symbols in your dream certainly suggest a dark and a light presence/influence (angel, if you prefer). You seem to know them both. It seems that you need to choose. Since you say this sort of dream has been going on since childhood, you probably already know what it's about.

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Seems like a custody battle between parents- each trying to convince the child she is better off with him or her.