Dream about going to the moon


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This dream has, for some reason, stayed on my mind ever since I had it several weeks ago.

In this dream, I flew to the moon with some astronauts on the new Artemis rocket. I was not an astronaut myself, I was more like a guest or won the trip in a contest, or something of that nature. There were two of us "guests" on this trip. Myself, and a lady who very closely resembles the sister of an acquaintance of mine. I'm not saying it was her, but its very possible. The resemblance is almost identical. I don't know her and have only seen her very briefly. I've never really even thought much about her, for I am a happily married man.

So this lady and myself went through the training with the astronauts, and as we did, we began to fall for each other. We never told each other this, however. We walked on the moon together with one of the astronauts. I remember feeling how great it was to be there, and to experience something that almost no one else has. The dream then switched to after we had made it back to earth, maybe a couple of weeks afterward. I was sitting in a diner like restaurant with some family. The lady happened to be there working. I was getting up from the table to go tell her how I felt about her, and then I woke up.

So, last week, we went in a local grocery store that we don't go into that often, only to get certain items. The real life lady who is a very close resemblance to the one in the dream was working there - I believe that she is the store manager. She stared at me from the second we walked in, and that doesn't happen to me very often LOL. We ended up going through her checkout, She was very nice and friendly, and it was like she couldn't take her eyes off of mine. Again, up to that point, I've never really had any interaction with her at all.

Could it be possible that she had the same dream, from her point of view?


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You had a congnative dream. It took a moon trip to make you pay attention to the dream. This other woman maybe a soul mate. Someone from the past or future you know. Could be mother, father, lover. This experience is helping to teach tha there is more to life then what you have been seeing. Have fun with it, dont fret.