Dream about stealing from a smoke shop


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Bedtime = 12.26am

6.33am = I was in my family's home except it had a very futuristic appearance. My brother was showing me a stupid song and at one point everyone got dressed at the staircase (idk if that actually happened in the dream. My handwriting looked illegible). I wore sunglasses and sweatpants (I used to wear sweatpants all of the time in 2023 but now I don't because I think sweatpants are ugly). Mother looked a lot thinner and wore glasses (she actually does in real life) with a pink tank top.
7.46am = N/A
7.59am = I was creating a comic about my 2020 self. I went to Beamish.
9.11am = Human Moomins residing in a high-tech house and it would collapse and everyone would fall into a shredding machine if any smell (especially of cannabis or McDonald's scran) was detected.
10.24am = I got public transport to Hexham (I am from North East England although I don't have a particular hometown. I was born in Newcastle upon Tyne but despite my age of 18 years I have lived in many different places throughout North East England, Hexham one of them when I was very young, and I still sometimes visit Hexham, although nowadays I rarely do because my brother believes it's getting crappier and crappier due to hideous sights such as a McDonald's branch, and the fact that one is less likely to find anything of interest in charity shops, not just in Hexham but anywhere). I got off the bus next to a smoke shop (non-existent in real life. In reality there are no smoke shops in Hexham. However there is one in Prudhoe and one in Crawcrook) next to the community church and that cafe, opposite Hexham Abbey. The smoke shop looked so colourful and bright and I was very excited. I sniffed tubes of glittery yellow glue and felt dizzy and there were blue lotus infused sweets although everything in the shop looked all chaotic and messy. I found an Indian recipe but then I somehow realised that it was in fact work of the evil recurring robot of my dreams. I remember travelling to Allendale Town or somewhere similar for a short period of time, although finding it very tedious and boring and depressing, and I returned to Hexham at 10.00pm (and somehow the shop in question was still open). I attempted to purchase a Marmite lighter in addition to two unknown items however this man (who may have been one of the people I often see smoking cigarettes and joints outside of pubs near where I would walk a lot) stolen my key. I left the premises holding the three items in my hand despite not paying, saying something along the lines of "Sorry but I'm afraid I am going to have to shoplift for my own safety" and the man ran outside, wearing the grey gorpcore aesthetic jacket from Tesco I own (containing both my military green fishing hat and black ushanka hat, wallet, clip-on headphones and iPod nano 6th generation, all of which I own in real life, in addition to a few other important belongings), and someone attempted to chase him on my behalf but failed because this individual shrank into infinity, with my belongings on his person.
11.34am = N/A