Dream highland cow and synchronicity


Hi I am hoping to gain some clarification on this dream I had a while back, I thought I had interpreted it myself, but since having this dream, synchronicities keep popping up, I am seeing the highland cow everywhere, is there something I am missing?

In the lucid dream I had, I was in a scrap yard, there was a man in charge and we were sorting through the scrap and moving it, this to me represents my unconcious through my spiritual journey, the things I have faced and overcome.

Then we went inside a hut building where he hung a highland cow up by its back legs and washed it down with a hose, then released it into a fence enclosure, then he brought a child in and did the same, I was horrified how he could do this to a child, the boy was scared, and he sent him into the enclosure with the cow, and said to me “come back to work now”

While he was busy sorting through the scrap I snook back into the building and opened the lock on the gate and I told the boy to run, but he just stood there hesitating, “ quickly I said run, you are free” but I sensed he didn’t want to be alone, like somehow we were connected, so I told him I will meet him later and not to be afraid, then I woke up.

I am still seeing the highland cow popping up in my life, I ask who could the cow represent?
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According to Wikipedia, the highland cow is a "hardy breed, able to withstand the intemperate conditions." Perhaps part of the dream meaning is that as a child, you were as hardy and resilient as the cow.