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The dream seems quite twisted, usually I don't dream anything (or don't remember)... Could somebody help me with the interpretation?

My dream:

As a soldier I took part in a war, I was sitting in a trench and there were other soldiers around. Generally it was not stressful and no one was shooting at us, we were the ones shooting. A bit like in a computer game, I could see the enemies through a telescope with a sight in the center. However, I noticed that others had modern rifles, and I was shooting with some old one (probably an AK-47).

Later I was at my late grandparents' house, where I met my uncle (who is also no longer alive), and who was a priest. My uncle was sitting behind the table in the room where we ate at my grandparents' house. I talked to him and my uncle told me that it was good that I had already returned from that war, and when I asked him why he didn't fight he told me that "they don't take priests to the army."

From my grandparents' house I went to pick up my car (it was a white car, which I don't have anymore), which was parked somewhere on the street by the road that leads from my grandparents' house to my family home. When I picked it up I set it off in the direction of the cemetery, I think I wanted to visit my grandparents' grave. Someone else was riding in the car with me, but I don't remember who.

As I went to pick up the car there was no snow, but as I drove toward that cemetery the whole area was bathed in white powder. It wasn't snowing, there was just a lot of it. It was also already dark. At one point it became clear that the road was impassable. I had to stop.

A child, +/- 2 years old, was running along the road, he was smiling and happy, but the child's parents were nowhere to be found in the area. So I said to the person who was riding with me that we had to take them to the police. And so we did, took the child, turned around and took a different route to the police station.

There were a lot of policemen at the police station, it was daytime, of course when we got off this child started running around this police station, smiling and happy. I - wanting to catch him - ran after him. And at that moment I woke up.

The whole dream was rather very positive, I felt good in it. Even that sitting in the trenches was not stressful.

For a broader context: my wife and I are currently building a house, we are trying to have a child, and in addition I am co-founding a company, in which we have been trying for a year to get a contract that is a bit of a to be or not to be. What can I say - I'm living under a lot of stress…
Anyone? I know that my dream is a bit long...

I remember years ago I was doing a tennis club championship match where matters became tense and we called for the referee. On one shot from my opponent I looked to the referee because I thought it was out but I was forced to play on. Afterwards the referee said it was still my job to call it in or out where the referee was able to overrule it. Likewise dreams are inherently random where the dreamer could try to provide a tentative interpretation. Then it’d be up to other commentators to overrule the interpretation!


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That's an interesting analogy. @Michael McMahon Dreams can certainly feel random and unpredictable, and interpretation is a collaborative process where multiple perspectives can contribute to a more nuanced understanding of the dream's meaning. It's important to keep in mind that dream interpretation is not an exact science, and different interpretations may hold value depending on the individual's personal associations and experiences. Ultimately, the dreamer is the expert on their own dreams, and their insights and associations are crucial in interpreting the dream's meaning.
With that in mind here are some of my thoughts.

The first part of the dream involves you being in a war. While the atmosphere was generally calm and there was no immediate threat, you were still participating in a violent conflict. This part of the dream could be interpreted as a reflection of the stress and pressure you are experiencing in your waking life. The war represents the ongoing struggle you are facing, whether it is related to building a new home, trying to have a child, or founding a company. Your role as a soldier could indicate that you feel like you are in a battle, fighting for something important.

The fact that you are using an old rifle while others have more modern weapons could represent feelings of inadequacy or a sense of being left behind. You may feel like you are not fully equipped or prepared to face the challenges ahead.

In the second part of the dream, you are at your grandparents' house and encounter your uncle who was a priest. This part of the dream may symbolize a desire for guidance or support from a trusted authority figure. Your uncle's comment that priests are not taken to war could represent a desire for a more peaceful, spiritual path, rather than one involving conflict and struggle.

The third part of the dream involves you driving to the cemetery to visit your grandparents' grave. The white powder that covers the area could represent a sense of purity, clarity, or a new beginning. The fact that it is dark could symbolize the unknown or uncertainty that you are currently facing in your waking life. The presence of someone else in the car with you could represent a sense of companionship or support as you navigate through these uncertain times.

The final part of the dream involves you encountering a child who is alone and needs help. This part of the dream could represent a desire to care for and protect those who are vulnerable. It could also symbolize a desire to nurture and care for a child, which ties in with your real-life desire to have a child with your wife.

It almost seems like your dream is a reflection of the stress and pressure you are currently facing in your waking life. The different parts of the dream each represent different aspects of your current situation and desires. The dream could be interpreted as a message from your unconscious mind that you need to stay focused, remain vigilant, and continue to persevere through difficult times. Additionally, the dream may be urging you to seek guidance, and support, and to remember to nurture those who are important to you.

Hope this helps. Remember only you are the expert on your dream.
It almost seems like your dream is a reflection of the stress and pressure you are currently facing in your waking life. The different parts of the dream each represent different aspects of your current situation and desires.

Lucid dreaming might resemble shamanism to some novices. Yet religious people don’t tend to report significantly more lucid dreams compared to the non-religious. An autistic way to approach lucid dreaming is that the world is so materialistic that you can afford to destabilise your reality during sleep. That is to say a part-time materialist can return to materialism each morning. By contrast a religious person isn’t fully materialistic in their perception and hence couldn’t afford even more spirituality during sleep. Hence a scientific worldview is so flexible that it can ironically accommodate the shamanism of lucid dreaming!
An alternative way to interpret the relationship between autism and lucid dreaming is that the emotional regulation of autistic people can be so bad that it might require the external assistance of lucid dreaming to reconcile contradictory emotions. The emotional impairment in autistic people is often the inverse of intellectual impairment in certain emotional people. Retardation is now seen as a derogatory term when academia appears critical in many western societies. Yet as we see in the virtue of humility that knowing your weaknesses can be a strength. Then there's the jack of all trades and master of none stereotype where specialists might actually be exceptionally bad at other areas. This is why being bad at science can make you good at religion and vice versa. Moreover consciousness isn't fully physical meaning that the mind can overcompensate for physical impairments. For example blind people can be better listeners by having less visual distraction rather than by having better eardrums. Likewise I don't care if I'm so emotionally retarded to become lucid in dreams simply because emotionally intelligent people were so good at being unfazed by sleep that they ironically failed to mention how sleep affected their emotions! Chronoception is like a 6th sense!

(Blind passenger=2:55)
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