Dream of a helicopter crash


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I had this dream this morning that I was in the back of a friends helicopter while it was running.
No one was sitting at the controls and the collective moved up on it's own and the helicopter lifted off the ground just a few feet.
Because I was in the back, I had to reach over the seat to get to the controls, but I could not reach the pedals to control the tail rotor.
Once airborne, and without being able to reach the pedals, the aircraft started to spin to the right.
I tried to use the technique of rolling the throttle off to counter the spinning, but I only got partial control.
The aircraft had drifted too close to a brick building and the side of the aircraft had made contact.
I managed to get the aircraft to hover away from the building and land it.
My friend who owned the helicopter came over to look at the damage.
You could see that the tail boom had made contact with the building by scrapes along the right side.
As we were moving the aircraft to the hanger the end of the tail-boom fell off.
The weird part was how the fuselage hit the building but somehow the rotor blades were not damaged.
This would be impossible as the rotor blades extend well past the fuselage and would have been the first thing damaged.

The feeling I was experiencing in the dream was the guilt and shame of destroying my friend's helicopter.

I hope it wasn't a premonition.
Sitting in the back of the helicopter and having to reach forward to get to the controls, do you consider yourself to have control of your life path?
Or, do you think you have limited control of your life?
Are you even hesitant to step forward, to achieve goals in your life?


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A vehicle in dreams often points to how we travel through life, or only through a certain situation. Travelling in a helicopter without a pilot, makes me associate with a situation where the dreamer does not have control; as the vehicle leaves the ground and flies uncontrollably, one could suggest that the situation is connected to some type of grandiosity, losing contact with reality, so to speak. The friend in the dream can be a hint regarding what area of the dreamer's life the dream is referring to. It is not a catastrophic dream, as the dreamer gains control over the situation; but it seems that there is a risk of "crashing", perhaps some plans or dreams.


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I fly helicopters for a living and I thought that this was some sort of premonition.
I have had a similar dream in the past that was right before a close call.
This one didn't manifest into anything ... maybe it was more of a worry than a premonition.