Dream of Work/Dolly Parton


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I had a bizarre dream last night that started at a warehouse I worked in prior to covid. I recall being in a large office area of the warehouse without any furniture and there were many people at least 30-40 or so, some of who I recognized but not all. There was an announcement for the men and women to separated and form a single line to do stretching exercising because I was not paying attention I seem to end up at the end of the women's line and just grabbed a spot. I cant recall doing any of the stretching in the dream though but next I remember everyone walking toward the warehouse section and I was the only one bare chested which I would never do in front of any coworkers on the job but it never bothered me. I recall seeing one person that I recognized walking against the flow of human traffic and we made eye contact. He just gave me a cold look. (This person has confronted me on the job in real life and out of the blue the first time he ever said anything to me was he was going to shoot me in the head for what reason I don't know. But I did come to find out he was a little deranged over his brother cheating with his wife.) While passing him and walking with the rest of the crowd I recall Dolly Parton was walking on the right side of me singing Jolene and that ended the dream. I awoken and mentioned the dream to my wife which she thought was weird and funny which my dreams usually are. So we got up turn on the TV and after watching the news for about 10 minutes a segment about Dolly Parton was on the TV. We were like what the hell. I think I recall seeing a clip where she wrote a song about the vaccine over a month or two ago that I can recall and I rarely ever listen to any of her music. I have not a clue where Dolly Parton could possibly fit in when every thing else relates to my previous job.