dreamed i visited some random dudes apartment


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so last night i had this interesting dream where i was standing outside an apartment building (that looked similar to my grandmas) anyways so i was outside and i was just walking around until a guy came out and said "hello! nice to meet you come in" so i walk in and the entance to the apartment building looked like a normal one something like this
images.jpgso anyways later in the dream we get up to the floor where his apartment is and it looks ALOT like ya know the livingroom from a tv-show called "tracy beaker" so anyways we enter the apartment and well...idk how to describe the room it looks like some sort of like ya know the room in the house that like no one talks about that looks abandoned or something with like yellow moldy walls, anyways in the room there was a door that was opened a bit and there was like a kitchen or something. I didnt go into the room (since I wasn't allowed by the guy i was invited by) any ways so in the living room there was a big shelf filled with VHS tapes that contained like recordings from television, and home made movies and movies like lethal weapon. In one of the shelves there was a crt tv there that seemed like some mid-90's gray looking one like this but gray
anyways there was a second shelf but smaller,there were even more VHS tapes and on top of the shelf was a crt tv but red this time and it had nothing but static, so anyways i ask the guy if i can borrow some tapes but he says no and then aggressively throws some tapes at me and I say never mind, anyways later someone wants to enter the house and he guy opens the door and he argues with them, anyways now i dont remember what happens then but i remember how the dream ends, so the guy gets arrested and gets sent to death row and dies and someone tells me he was a violent alcoholic, so i wanna know...the hell does this dream mean?