Dreaming about breaking up.


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So, my boyfriend & I have been together for over two years now. We’ve been living together for quite a while, and although we’ve had our share of arguments, the relationship is overall very good. I love them, and I feel we can talk about things before they turn into an issue. There’s no big complaints. However, recently I seem to be dreaming about us breaking up. Yesterday was the third dream in such a short space of time. In my dreams, he never directly breaks up with me. It’s more like me saying something like “so that’s it then?” Or “this is how you want to leave things?” & then my boyfriend agreeing. The dream version of my bf is so apathetic and it’s obvious he doesn’t care at all. It literally makes no difference to him that we’re breaking up. This really upsets me in the dream that I’m breaking my heart and he seems to not give a single f***. I wake up in a terrible mood, and I remember the feeling throughout the day. I can’t help but wonder if this is how he would genuinely react if this were to happen in real life.

Why would I be dreaming about this? And why would I dream of my bf reacting this way every single time?
Well the dream could be talking about your fears, or it could touch a place where it is huge distance between you and between your own ways of relating , interact between what is and what does. Your relation is very young and love grows over time. I would suggest to look at the dream as a reflection of your own ways, and" not throw it in your boyfriends head"
Take care of your relation, remember that you love it. So do not look at things in fatalistic terms " so this is it " But look at the attitude within you and withdraw your identification from it, and see what happens over some time.....


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Dreams are normally not about the person in your dream. This dream is about the dreamer. What is the lesson here for you you are the only one that knows. Your feelings are probably how you feel. Your fellings about your boyfriend. Look into yourself for the answer.