Dreaming about coats


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I’m the last month I have two dreams I remember very clearly. In the first one I’ve dreamt that I’m in a mall and I go in the elevator, there I find a shopping bag with a black puffy coat, red sunglasses and blue jeans. I take the glasses and the coat the leave the jeans. I remember I was really really happy about the coat that I’ve found it was soft and warm. The elevator stopped at a level and there were standing a mom and her daughter, they say the bag is theirs. I start running away from them, they follow me but they walk slowly. No matter how fast I ran they caught up with me and then I said I’m sorry I stole it and gave it back to them.

Second dream was me coming home but it was my childhood home from years ago. my neighbour had a lot of beautiful fur coats and a red leather coat that she wanted to get rid of so she put them in the hallway, I was in ecstasy from all these beautiful coats I’ve took them all home.

I’m both of these dreams I’ve dreamt about coats and something connected to family (a mother and a daughter, my childhood home) and in both of these dreams I took a coat from someone else. I really want to know what it means of someone can help me interpret the dreams please do thank you <3


Hi i know the fur coat symbolises security and protection, luxury and high social status.
The goat symbolises wisdom but black goat is negative even if he was happy, usually a sign that you will be disappointed by your lover? Or unstable love. It may be a good time to save some money which the fur coat is symbolising, and knowing you are protected.