Dreaming of killing snakes then snakes becoming tiny and developing fish heads. (I’m pregnant)


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In my dream last night I was surrounded by snakes snd I was killing them all by hitting them over the head with a big spade. Then as I was killing them, these tiny fish headed snakes were appearing everywhere that were red in colour and minding their own business (not a threat).

Id love to hear some interpretations on this.

I’m pregnant with my second baby and am definitely facing some fears gearing up to giving birth as the first time was so traumatic. Also I’m expecting a girl so I’m clearing up ancestral patterns whilst pregnant. Wondering whether this is part of it. Also I’m missing being sexual/sensual so this could be playing a part too.

(Think I’m answering my own question! 😆)

Curious about this meaning of the fishheaded snakes...

Thank you