dreams of my ex cheating? do I have dreams foretelling the future?


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I've had some interesting dreams lately. I havent had many dreams lately until last week again. Maybe they are dreams foretelling the future? They seemed all vivid to me. I had dreams before that came true. Here are a few dreams I had lately:

1) Being in a place in public, it looked like a large store and seeing my ex. he didnt look the same compared to the last time I saw him in late 2021. His head was almost shaven (it would make sense due to he is in the air force).

I had to hit him with a shopping cart to get his attention (this funny to me due to he wont face me now after how he treated me). He then began talking to me and didnt seem angry. He kept on asking me questions as to why I reacted like I did to certain stuff.

2) The person my ex is with now, was using a laptop he had given her to use. She saw an email with a receipt to a hotel he was staying at without her. She went to the hotel to confront him. She got his room number at the front desk and went the room to confront him. She banged on the door demanding to talk to him. She then said "I knew you were doing something" and said "I'm going to leave you".

(He is the same guy that didnt tell me he was involved with her still and didnt tell she was coming to stay with him. Maybe this dream was predicting hes going to cheat on her yet again and she'll find out the hard way??)

In the past, I had couple dreams that gave me messages that I remember clearly. Here are some examples:

1) I had a Persian that was sick and that I lost in August 2019. I had no indication she was sick until the before day everything happened. It was a humid August day and late in the afternoon, I found her looking really sick. She was unable to walk, she didnt care to drink or have food.

She only laid there although I tried feeding her. It was the saddest thing to experience seeing.. I was going to bring to her to the vet the next day though they didnt happen.. A couple days later, I had a dream saying "she had a heart condition that was undetected".

I then searched and learned Persians are known to develop heart conditions and its quite common in the breed. All the symptoms she had were related to a heart condition.

2) In late 2021, I had a dream about the person my ex is now with. The dream said "he feels really sorry for her due to something happened to her dad and thats why he'll choose to be with her" (he was seeing me and this other person at the same time).

Interesting enough, in mid 2022, I talked to somebody who knew her. They said "she lost her dad to cancer in late 2021".

I think I possibly have dreams that randomly give me messages. Is somebody who is highly sensitive more likely to have dreams giving messages or foretelling the future then other people? I always believed I'm a highly sensitive person due to certain traits.