Dreams repeat/continues?


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Ive been having these interconnecting dreams since I was a kid. It felt like lucid dreaming because part of me knew it was a dream, and I would always somehow reset to make different decisions at different points of the dream and I guess details would be added at each point. The first variant is like im in some sort of parallel place where every time I return im someone else. An example is the one I had a few nights ago, I was someone completely different, and a mute. To communicate I used different hand signals, and body gestures and everyone seemed to understand it even I did.
The rewind point was inside of a building between a church and a abandoned structure. I went to the church first and as I explored the church I ended up going up some stairs and then into a hallway thats connecting to another building which I assumed was part of the church. It was an open outside hallway sorta like a bridge of sorts. I walked down said hallway and after I made it to the other side a voice that ive heard in the other dreams connected to this one said, "To close try again" and I blanked out, woke up and I was back at the area I was before going into the church.
After I returned to the point I looked to see what was different and sure enough I had horns of some kind. The voice said "Tik tok, before your clock wakes you up" and I decided to go to the abandoned building. Once I went inside, I ended up being in a whole different area, and the crazy part is, before I had this dream the same scene from a similar dream prior had happened in my very eyes. I saw the person I ended up being at the end of that dream, and the scene played out as it did last time from the music it ended up playing, to the dumb person who ended up being cut in half from standing up in the roof of the car opening while they were speeding, and across from that the person from the dream before that in the similar area. All of it just led to this one singular point, a mall that looks abandoned outside but inside it was full of life.
It was a mall, a plaza, a resort all in one. I went to it as an instinct and when I reached it, the voice again"So close Karma, better luck next time" and then im back at the point of no return, in the building by the church and abandoned building, this time tied up with people around me as if trying to interrogate me. This time my skin pigment was a deep gray color. I went through 3 more decisions all with different endings before finally appearing at the mall again. I went to the mall and this time I was able to go inside. My starting point from here was the top floor roof area. I went down the flight of stairs and as I touched the last step the voice again," You are now safe" then I woke up.
The worst part of it all, was waking up in a cold sweat, my eyes hurting like hell as if someone just replaced them, and my head and spine where the horns and interconnected tail was felt like hell. Im not sure what this all means,but I want to know if anyone had similar experiences or even if they been to this place as well. If you have do you think one of the people that we were met and what the interaction was? Im really interested in all of this. Scared but interested. Especially in the voice


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The idea of being in a parallel place where you return as someone else each time you come back suggests a sense of exploration or a journey through different identities or aspects of yourself. The fact that you are able to make different decisions and that details are added at each point suggests a sense of control or agency in shaping your experience. This control is further reinforced by the feeling of lucid dreaming.

The concept of being mute and communicating through hand signals and body gestures is interesting as it suggests a need to express oneself in nonverbal ways. It is possible that this represents a desire to communicate in ways that are more intuitive or that allow for greater emotional expression. The horns and interconnected tail may represent a sense of otherness or an aspect of yourself that you do not fully understand or accept. The fact that they cause physical discomfort suggests a feeling of discomfort or unease with this aspect of yourself.

The idea of returning to a specific location, the area between the church and the abandoned building, suggests a sense of familiarity or repetition. This is further reinforced by the voice that you have heard in previous dreams. The voice may represent an inner voice or intuition that is guiding you through your journey.

The mall that you eventually reach may represent a sense of abundance or fulfillment. It is interesting that it appears abandoned from the outside but is full of life on the inside. This may suggest a need to explore beyond surface appearances and to look deeper to find fulfillment.

The fact that you are tied up and interrogated at one point may represent a sense of being restricted or held back in some way. This is further reinforced by the deep gray color of your skin, which may represent a feeling of being trapped or restricted in some way.

Overall, your dream suggests a journey of exploration, self-discovery, and growth. The recurring themes and symbols suggest a need to explore different aspects of yourself and to embrace all parts of who you are, even those that may cause discomfort or unease. The voice may represent an inner guide that is helping you navigate this journey.

I hope this interpretation has been helpful to you. Remember that dreams are deeply personal and only you can truly uncover their meaning.