Dreams with many symbols - help!


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I dreamt of (feeling the presence) old friends, an acquaintance (motorbike taxi driver near my workplace), new friends (my teammates). There's a ferry trip and we were on a ground floor of a building waiting for entry to go to the ferry. I had 4 tickets with me - 3 tickets were written on a yellow pad while one was in a 1/4 white paper - which I/we handed late. We were waiting on the benches and the ticket man was sitting in front of us, facing us. The other 3 were already called and for some time I still was not called. I sought help from someone in one of the rooms and explained to him that I think my ticket went missing. He came back with me to confront the ticket guy. Another person was now seated on the ticket guy's chair. A 'friend' (feeling of someone familiar but cannot remember a face) pulled me to the side to tell me that my ticket (the one on white paper) was found and the Head (Teacher? Boss?) was now talking to the ticket guy. The two got out from a room and apologized to me. I was now on my way to the ferry.

I was crossing a moat (maybe going to the ferry). I saw Ana, my high school best friend, with her friend in a top-down car that was floating on water. She gestured that the car was her friend's while they passed me by. Seemed like we'll be on the same ferry.

I was walking by a park (probably still going to the ferry). I noticed a couple arguing, the woman kept her distance from the guy and they were shouting. I was passing near the guy and made a side-comment not loudly (I forgot what, however consider I am not someone who curses or make really rude comments) which he heard and has provoked him. He challenged me to say it again and pulled out a gun. I'm not sure if I dodged the bullet or someone else hit him. But I did not die. Or actually I think I was hit but with water like from a hose, not sure where it came from, but I woke up frantic.