Dreamt about a stone room


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I was in a stone room (rough kinda cave like walls but in a square room like shape) and spoke to someone, or myself that after I look around I should explore it a bit more and see what’s inside before leaving. The room had no visible exits and just the stone kinda door? (I was looking around the stone walls while talking, never saw who I spoke too) I did see on my right a part of the stone that looked like it was a stone door? Like a door shape part of stone with it clearly looking cut to be a door of some kind. I then was looking out a stone entrance and saw it was light outside, but something came and tried to take me back, (there were faceless things)or hurt me i don’t know which. I went for something near the entrance by the light outside to get away/pick up a rock or a leather bag that held something to fight back and then it got dark like I got dragged back/knocked out.

There was a man who’s face was scarred,3 across his face really badly who kept telling me it’s okay and joking when I saw the entrance? Exit?

Sorry I just woke up and wanted to write this out before I forgot