Earth ends. Aliens. Master of Religions.


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I often have apocalyptic dreams. Last night I dreamed that an alien race came to earth. Earth dwellers (us) were already more advanced than now, and while my family were all together we were living somewhere very futuristic. Large metal pod like structures jutting out into the ocean. One night, I was awoken by a huge crash. I went onto the balcony and saw massive unusual spaceships crashing into the ocean one by one.

Flash forward. The government has decided that in order to ensure the safety of earth dwellers, we must be split up into pods of 10-20 and board space ships. We were put into pods based on our profession, to ensure the success and survival of the pod and the human race.

I then saw an image of what the government would do to the earth while we were away to make it look uninhabitable to aliens. They had fashioned some immensely large blanket/quilt with buttons that would wrap around the entire planet.

Flash forward to the boarding of the pod space ships. I was wearing a long black robe, with a rosary dangling around my neck. A child, whom I know as a student in my waking life has been assigned to my pod, and I was assuring his mother that I would care for him. I looked down for a moment at the rosary and saw, in addition to it, a Celtic or pagan like symbol pendant on a chain. It came to me then that my job in the pod was to be master of human religions, to be able to comfort and guide all members of the pod regardless of where they come from on earth. I woke up soon after.


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Hey Yukinoue

That my friend is a Big dream by any standards. I'm actually a dream analyst and as part of what I do, it's important for me to roam around the world (isn't the internet awesome for this) and get a feel for what people are dreaming about. I use Jungian Psychology for my dreamwork and the alien invasion/alien arrival theme (mythologem) is a very important one. Carl Jung wrote on this and it's an area I am personally passionate about. In the Jungian world, this theme symbolises contact with the transpersonal aspect of your psyche, what Jung calls The Self. What is even more potent in your dream, is that it seems that there is no actual conflict between the aliens and the earth government - if I am correct here, that is really significant...

A dream that includes alien arrival and apocalyptic themes, objects from space crashing into the ocean (think ocean = your own unconscious), leaving earth, blanketing the planet while away, and significant religious symbolism is a very special dream. I think it's likely you have a lot going on in your life right now and you have experienced some numinous (religious/spiritual/mystical) moments in recent times? If you haven't already recorded/written down this dream, I would encourage you to do so - noting every detail you can. I believe this is a dream where there will be great value in working on over time.

Best wishes

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