Embalmed figure


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I was going through a phase of really hyper vivid dreams and this was a visual that perturbed me. There was some incoherent words being spoken out loud and there was a waterfall and a small stream behind the figure hanging on a cross like structure in a low lit cavern. There was a veil hanging over it's face. The whole cavern had a dark greenish blueish tint to it. If anyone has any idea what this is let me know.
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This seems like a Christic dream to me. Something is being sacrificed for the greater good...within you. Water is life-giving and may symbolize Spirit. The water is moving and this is an auspicious sign. You can't quite see what is being sacrificed, there is a veil there, but it will be clearer in the future, perhaps even through dreams. This sacrifice will lead to a resurrection. Green is a life-giving color, and blue may symbolize the spiritual realm. You are deep within the unconscious as symbolized by the cave...often a place of spiritual rebirth.