First dream about someone


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Hey, first post.

I'm non-binary, gay, and autistic, I've never really dreamed about anyone before that I've liked and this is proper weird for me.

The dream starts with me (the only drunk one for some reason, as far as I can tell) Blake, Maddy and Landon walking near the end of a street with two shops. One on the corner that was like a coffee shop chain that you can go inside of or sit outside, the other was just some food stand essentially. I can't remember what type of food they served.

Right as we were walking, I dropped my phone real bad. I'm not sure if I threw it or anything, but it looked like it was a goner. Blake picked it up and it was fine, he just gave it back to me and went up to the stand to place his order. Then I go to place my order and all I can feel is Landon standing right behind me, my back on his chest, with his arms around me and his chin on the top of my head, his breath on my face. I couldn't see his face or him at any point, just feel his presence right there. I felt it even in my sleep.

All I remember is falling asleep right there (in the dream) and then for hours, and then finally asking the woman at the stand for whatever she recommends because I'll eat anything. I don't feel Landon on me at this point.

The End.

I think I already know what the meaning would be, but I'm just estranged as to why this person and no one else?