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I experienced my first sleep paralysis.

after a series of strange/ intimidating dreams, I realized i was dreaming and became lucid. I tried to wake myself several times and continued to wake up in different dreams (only realizing I was still in a dream after several moment went by)

This is not abnormal there has been a few times I have “woken up” in a new dream in the past.

Finally I wake up In my room, except I cannot move. I somewhat see a smaller hooded character in my peripheral vision sitting higher up on my window sill, he wasn’t looking at me but he was flipping through pages of this book I had on my night stand, extremely fast. (In fact I believe the sound of the pages being flipped is what ‘woke me up’). I tried desperately to reach for my phone which was right beside me to turn on the flashlight and see what was there. It took what felt like 2-5 minutes to finally move my hand and grab the phone. I remember going through the settings and turning on the light finally able to point this light towards this character. The only thing that happened was that the phone started flashing red and black and I couldn’t make out what I was looking at.

I then reappeared in my original state, hearing the pages flipping (a page per second) and seeing this hooded character sitting on the window sill flipping the page staring at the book)

Again I struggled to finally move my hand over to grab my phone and went into the settings and turned on the light as I still hear the pages flipping. Finally the light is on and I aim it towards the window sill and everything stopped and the character wasn’t there.

After catching my breath and composing myself I went back to sleep and nothing happened.

Curious if there is a meaning behind this type of character or if anyone has experienced this before?
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When I was younger, I had some experience of being paralysed while I slept. I can't move my body and I screamed for help in my sleep but they can't hear me. My mom said that it's normal and usually happens when your very tired. She said that if I experienced it again, I have to do best to move my fingers and toes first. But there was this experience I had that it's different because it feels like I was trapped and I can see and can hear everything that's around me. It started when my brother and I were talking while he's going through searching his computer in the underground room. I sat in the bed with my feet on the floor and my body leaning to the bed board with stacked pillows. I wasnt exactly sure if I've slept or awake. I kept on talking to my brother and responding to what he was saying, but I realised that he's not responding to my questions. I shouted but he can't hear me. I saw him moved away from the computer and he got his guitar then started playing songs. I tried to moved my body starting with my fingers and my toes but I couldn't move. I asked for help several times but no one could hear me. I saw my uncle come by the room to check on us. The room door wasn't closed and the ceiling light was on, the computer screen light was on. I know what's happening in the room but I was paralyze and no one can hear me. But suddenly my brother jump on the bed, my body was moved slightly by the spring cushioned. I jumped off the bed scared and angry of myself and my brother. I told him what happened and asked him if he did this and that. He confirmed what I saw was right. I asked him if I was sleeping or awake. My eyes were open. He wouldn't jump on the bed to disturb me if I was asleep. Because of these experiences with being paralyze either I was asleep or wasn't, I wouldn't sleep alone anymore.