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Last night I had a dream that I was playing Donkey Kong on my superNintendo ( a childhood favourite), I was playing a level so well- collecting all the bananas and finding the hidden/secret tokens- there’s a sense of satisfaction when you figure out those secret areas. Before I play, I’m looking at the controller and it’s bent inwards, I try to bend it back to normal but I’m afraid it’s going to snap in half- I keep on playing anyways but still nervous that the controller is going to break. What could the game controller symbolize in my waking life? I’m wondering if it has something to do with my body as I have an autoimmune disorder
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Hello Double.
Do you regularly play game consoles?
This dream could be about control, hence the hand controller.
As for bending inwards, perhaps, the bending of one's will.
As for your autoimmune disorder, the dream may or may not relate to that.
Of course, i don't know you well enough, nor am i a medical professional, so i can't really comment about that.
Perhaps google can educate me.
What are your symptoms of the autoimmune disease, and/or, do you happen to know what has caused you to have the disease?